That Orange Box

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  1. Orange boxes for decorating! I found these pictures and article from
    "Above, I think I spot an orange Hermes gift box discreetly placed on the bottom of Schuyler Samperton's bookcase; photograph by Grey Crawford for Elle Decor, November 2003.
    Iconic orange Hermes boxes used for display storage: cool or contrived? A few years ago, Elle Decor featured a room where masses of these chic boxes were exhibited on open shelves. (The homeowner happily admitted that many of the boxes had been found on eBay.) Since then, I've noticed the fashionable containers popping-up in room after room. Personally, I love the signature orange with brown trim, not to mention the subtle nod to Grace Kelly. But do you think use of the boxes as accessories could become ubiquitous, like status shoes "casually" dropped on the floor and Taschen's oft-seen Cabinet of Natural Curiosities? Or are some items just classics?
    Below, included just for fun, a framed vintage Hermes scarf in Ivanka Trump's Park Avenue apartment, originally decorated by Emma Jane Pilkington, and published in House & Garden, January 2005."

    I think with restraint the orange boxes look great. What do you think?? Anyone already using them for art/display??
  2. Great links Sus. I remember a few years back someone using a pile of Hermes boxes in a corner--it may have been in Vogue but I can't remember who it was. I thought it was a very fun and unique idea. Once I get past the toddler stage where the danger of little ones jumping up and down and squashing the boxes subsides, it may be a cute touch for a library or office corner.
  3. Mine are in angled stacks on a dresser in one of my guest bedrooms which just happens to be at the end of the main hallway, so you can see them fairly easily. I didn't really put them there to be obvious but I set a few there and I would catch a glimpse of them periodically and it makes me smile so I put more in there. I also have shelves in my bedroom with glass doors and I stack accessorie boxes and a few rare bags on those shelves. My croc kelly, I leave out on the mantle in my master bedroom so I see it every day
  4. I love the look of the boxes...imagine Hermes orange with Tiffany blue....that's my idea of home decor. ;) Thanks for the links, Sus.
  5. This has nothing to do with anything, really, but I saw Ivanka Trump today crossing 57th at 5th, right outside Louis Vuitton. Oh, and she was with The Hair, but I barely noticed him because she is positively radiantly gorgeous.
  6. Oh, and in answer to the original question...yes, I "decorated" my office with orange boxes and orange bags! The walls are pale green and I have pale green and ivory toile window valances, light blond wood furniture, and overall a very country French decor in there--except for the piles of orange boxes and orange bags! :heart: What can I say, they make me happy, and more importantly they motivate me!
  7. LMAO...we're going to paint our dressing room Hermes Orange, but the tin is still sitting unopened.....I think DH is scared.....the colour already brings him out in a cold sweat!
  8. At the last H sale there was a stack of orange boxes all different sizes forming a pyramid, it looked so chic. Its my inspiration for my desk Christmas tree this year. Since i always have a fun novelty style desk tree.
  9. ^ it looked so cool, didn't it?

    I'm trying to PM you, and it doesn't seem to be working, J!!!!!!
  10. I know, only mine wont nearly be a high lol, i guess each year im going to have to strive to build it larger and larger until i get a full size tree.

    GF- I wonder why? my mailbox still has a little spare room. pms have been a bit fishy lately. maybe try again in 10? However my internet hasn't been very cooperative today, if that makes any difference.
  11. I have a pyramid of orange boxes in my office. I even have the box my JPG Birkin came in and the box my Kelly came in.
    I love looking at them, I loved the color orange before, but now I am passionate about it!
    The orange boxes make me happy!
  12. Great links and pics! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely have to add a few of my orange boxes to my decor (right now, they just sit in my wardrobes). I especially love the framed Hermes scarf. I have a vintage Bois de Boulogne scarf that I'm thinking of framing. It's a bit too delicate to wear, but is beautiful, nonetheless.

  13. please - you're'll have a full-size tree in no time - LOL!!!
  14. I have only a couple of boxes at the moment, but I have already planned a perfect place for them in my new apartment. I bought a cabinet with glass doors to be placed in the hall adjoining bedroom and foyer, just for the growing number of orange boxes :smile:
  15. I too love the idea of framed scarves. Anyone do it?? Pictures, please.