That great leather smell that some bags have?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has input on what is "that great leather smell that some handbags have"? I think I have 2 or 3 leather bags that have this incredible "yummy" leather smell. You know the one - where you're driving along and suddenly there is this leather smell wafting over to you from, the passenger seat, and it causes you to pick up your bag and stick your nose in it? :nuts: Anyone else have this experience?

    Why is it, that some leather smells so great? :biggrin:
  2. I really don't know why leather goods smell so good, but that smell makes me means one of my few favorite things are shoes, new handbags, or better yet and new car :drool::drool:
  3. The most pronounced leather smell came from my Gerard Darel 24 Heures. Strangely, my Balenciaga Twiggy and Treesje Asher had barely any smell at all!
  4. My nappa leather Valentinos have a beautiful smell. When I mentioned in another thread that they were mouth watering, most agreed I was a weirdo! :P

    Soooo happy to know I'm not alone!!!
  5. Every single of my Prada bags has a certain smell. I especially like smell of Soft Calf and Vitello Shine. I sniff it and sometimes I even take one of them to bed with me.
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  6. The nappa Valentino uses smells HEAVENLY.
    Also, the leather of CH Carolina Herrera bags smells really good.
  7. Some of my leather bags have, some of them don't and very hardly smell. I have a few that have that woodsy, cake-sweet smell that would waft and draw me in. I have others that have a slightly perfumed smell (probably from the dye and other treatments) along with woodsiness. I love it! The ones that smell the strongest are the drum-dyed, raw leather ones.
  8. My Coach Bleeker has the most amazing smell and it is an older bag and everytime I take her out I get that awesome smell... I just love it..

    As far as Valentino Nappa.. I will get one an join you ladies..LOL
  9. Omg, my MJ Christy has been parked on the table behind the couch when I'm home...
    and I've nearly fainted in orgasmic bliss several times having that same smell waft over me! It's heavenly!!!!!
  10. Scratch and sniff here: ____________________

    You should smell the wonderful leather smell from my Kooba Sienna that is at least 5 years old, so I rubbed it against my computer screen so everyone could get a good whiff of what fabulous heavy leather really smells like. Why, oh why, is that smell so intoxicating? I don't own another bag that comes close to that.
  11. :crybaby: I feel so left out! None of my bags have that luxurious smell. I love the smell of new leather in a car or a handbag!
  12. ^bgaholic omg what a cute dog, what breed?

    My Balenciaga black city smells so yummy.. leathery!
  13. mm.... leather smell :heart:

    i made my BF smell my new bag... he thinks i'm nuts... :lol:
  14. My best smelling bag is my black Bal City. She has the best leather of all my Bals and she smells intoxicating. :heart:
  15. Thanks pinkalicious! That's my Shih Tzu, Emma! Everyone says she gets the best treatment in the family. She's moving on in age, 12! Thanks for the compliment!