That gold chain that you can buy separately to use with a pochette

  1. It's the gold chain similar or the same as the one that comes with the mini pochette. I've never seen it in stores or online. Anyone know what is is called officially? And how much it is? Thanks much!!
  2. I asked once at the store and they said that they are not sold separateley. I think it comes with the mono accordian?
  3. if you mean the pochette extender, it is actually a "key chain." and you can buy it separately. i just bought mine to use with my pochette 2 weeks ago. my receipt says "porte cles a verrou or". the item number is M62694. hope this helps!
  4. I think she means the chain that comes on the mini pochette. Why do you want/ need one. Did yours break?
  5. Hrm, I'm not sure its the extender. I thought hte extender was the one that looks like a ring or two and you attach it to the strap for the pochette to make it longer? I think? I'm not sure. I'm looking for the one where its a long chain to replaces the vachetta strap on the pochette and can be used to wear the pochette on the shoulder. Either way, I appreciate your help very much!!
  6. Well Im debating btwn the mini and the regular pochette. I think the mini maybe slightly too small but I love the chain that comes with it so if its possible, I may consider buying the regular pochette and the chain seperately and using the chain to carry the pochette on the shoulder instead (im not sure if its long enough or if they even sell it) of the vachetta strap.
  7. oh---well i'm not sure if you can buy that separately since the chain is actually attached to the vachetta that's attached to the pochette. maybe they can repair it for you? but with the cost of repair- you probably would want to get a new pochette. good luck!
  8. I asked if you could buy a gold chain like the one that comes on the Sophie and they told me no, is that what you are talking about??
  9. [​IMG]

    I think someone post a pic of the gold chain with pochette in the Visual thread and the gold chain was from the Portefeuille Accordéon.
  10. I don't even kn ow what its called but its a gold chain that you can attach to a pochette. Someone was able to purchase the pouch that comes with the marais and she bought the chain separately.
  11. The SA in Seattle recommended it to my mom when she bought the Damier Marais so the pouch can be used as a mini pochette. I forgot what the receipt said but it was somewhere around $50.00 I think.