That feeling when you know it could be the bag...

  1. Do you know that feeling when you are contemplating what bag to get next but somehow nothing is really what you want...and suddenly, when you hear or read about new bags you feel: that could be what I am looking for?

    I was contemplating what to get next, shoulder (I so prefer shoulder bags) or handheld (better for my back), petit Noe (more fun) or Saleya (better to organize) and then I read and heard about the Hampstead and the Sporty, and there it was, that feeling that one, more likely the Sporty, could be the one:nuts: -a bag I am happy to wait for and save and spend my money on.

    Isn`t that a wonderful feeling? Sorry, just had to share...
  2. I think that the Hampstead sounds great also.
  3. Wait and get the bag you'll really love.
  4. I agree. I couldn't wait and buy something I like but not really love, so I sold it now I m saving up for 3 bags that I must buy:yes:
  5. I know what you mean! I think the Hampstead is going to be a popular bag....the sporty too!
  6. yes.

    there is also the feeling when you know you want something, you think about it night and day, you tell yourself you can finally have it and then you go to get it and all of a sudden it's like meh, i'm not sure i want it anymore. that happens to me a lot too! lol
  7. I definitely know what you mean like when you realize ok...this is the one im saving up for now and am gonna love so much when i finally get it:love:! Isnt it great!
  8. ITA
  9. Know what you mean. It's a great feeling!!
  10. aww I know what you mean. Its a good feeling when you have a goal in mind and save up enough money for that one special bag..I am happy for you!!
  11. Yep, I know just how you feel...I love the hampstead and am so glad I waited...I wanted a damier shoulder tote...but neither the salyea od cheslea where rocking my world.

    Sometimes I think I actually buy more when there is nothing I love...searching for something, anything...kwim?
  12. I know that feeling twinkle! I passed on the Saleya too...and am glad I waited!
  13. I know the feeling all too well, I think I have it with the lockit horizontal.
  14. Yes, I am certainly looking forward to april and may when the bags are coming far it looks like LV may have designed something many people might love!
  15. Does anyone have a picture of the Hampstead? I'd love to see what it looks like!