That Feeling of Impending Doom

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  1. You just know something's coming but you don't know what, or when. Your gut is all twisted up. The air just doesn't feel right. Tension is everywhere for no real reason. Your senses are heightened. If you were a cat, the hair on the back of your neck would be standing on end.
  2. i've been getting that although i attribute it to my midlife crisis.
  3. Generally a sandwich resolves it.
  4. I get that feeling sometimes but thankfully, bad things don't ALWAYS end up happening!
  5. Oh, you mean that certain awareness that most people awaken with EVERY morning?
  6. Sounds like anxiety
  7. Worry is a biotch-don't do it! :hugs:
  8. I agree, or a panic attack:wondering
  9. i get that, but i have anxiety, so that is why.

    try to get your mind on other things, keep busy, and breathe. if it gets worse, you may need to see a dr to see if it's anxiety.
  10. After reading what you described I instantly thought of a panic attack.....been there, very unpleasant feeling.
  11. i used to have that all the time. i thought it was normal to feel that way. it's not. if you are feeling that way often, not for a specific reason (walking down a dark street and someone is approaching you), then go to a dr. you don't have to feel this way.

    Trust me. My life is a million times better now that I know. I honestly thought that's how everyone felt. Seeing a dr. has changed my life for the best. gl.
  12. thats PMS - for me at least.
  13. If it happens a lot get help. Like others mentioned it sounds a lot like anxiety or a panic attack!
  14. I get bad feelings some times. they totally suck
  15. Hmm I get that a lot lately but thats because I am paranoid about getting my driving license revoked so everytime I drive somewhere I am convinced I have done something wrong and someone is going to come and take my license away and make me redo everything. 3 and a half months of that "doom" left (unless of course somethings happened in the last 2 weeks)