That black paddy in styledrops..

I dunno.. I wasn't so much into black but after seeing SoCal's black bags, they do have a certain street cred, lol! Have you heard if Chloe is bringing out any other colours in the regular Paddy? I was thinking I'll wait till there are new colours or old colours and silver hardware variations.
I think my mousse had matte hardware. I don't recall it being really shiny. I don't know about colors for fall, except that the Professor bag is coming out in "flesh" color. Actually that's pre-fall. So maybe there will be new fall stuff.
i think it may be the lighting. it's overly flashed. i can still see the yellow tone of the padlock.

as for the black friend has one and IRL it's gorgeous. actually the reason why i got my paddies. it's nice that is on the shiny side. that's how my friend's look like and it's drop dead beautiful.
I was in the Chloe shop yesterday and the dark grey will be a regular colour starting this fall. That's the only thing I know. The hardware on the pic looks like the normal brass hardware to me.
That sounds interesting! But.. for the moment I am having trouble visualising the black hardware. Wonder if it'll be tacky-looking? Or if it'll be sorta painted on and there'll be problems with paint chipping off?