That black paddy in styledrops..

  1. Hey does anyone know if this is the new black paddy? I thought I read somewhere they were bringing out one with silver hardware but I can't tell properly on Styledrops from their pic. Could just be the lighting. Anyone know?
  2. I don't know, but I saw it earlier and almost had a heart attack! It's gorgeous! Are you thinking of getting it?
  3. I dunno.. I wasn't so much into black but after seeing SoCal's black bags, they do have a certain street cred, lol! Have you heard if Chloe is bringing out any other colours in the regular Paddy? I was thinking I'll wait till there are new colours or old colours and silver hardware variations.
  4. Or wouldn't it be nice if they came out with matte silver/pewter hardware. That would be my dream!
  5. I think my mousse had matte hardware. I don't recall it being really shiny. I don't know about colors for fall, except that the Professor bag is coming out in "flesh" color. Actually that's pre-fall. So maybe there will be new fall stuff.
  6. i think it may be the lighting. it's overly flashed. i can still see the yellow tone of the padlock.

    as for the black friend has one and IRL it's gorgeous. actually the reason why i got my paddies. it's nice that is on the shiny side. that's how my friend's look like and it's drop dead beautiful.
  7. I was in the Chloe shop yesterday and the dark grey will be a regular colour starting this fall. That's the only thing I know. The hardware on the pic looks like the normal brass hardware to me.
  8. i think the hw is gold not silver.
    i also wish they'd do black with silver hw. that would rock!
  9. I know for F/W 06 they are bringing out the black with all black hardware - my SA said it is stunning
  10. ooh, that sounds nice...
  11. Black with black hardware? Wow...I can't wait to see that! So...the rumors are true...I wonder if the cream Edith rumor is also true...
  12. I can't wait to see this, it's going to look great.
  13. Oh no that sounds SO awesome. And irresistable. Oh nooo.
  14. That sounds interesting! But.. for the moment I am having trouble visualising the black hardware. Wonder if it'll be tacky-looking? Or if it'll be sorta painted on and there'll be problems with paint chipping off?
  15. I've to see those bags!!! Can't wait for fall/winter!!:amuse: :amuse: