That Bindi sunnies!

Oct 7, 2006
:supacool: Is it just me just is there anyone else who thinks that the middle jewel on the new Bindi sunnies is really out of the way?
I know I know, Gwen Stefani wore it so well, but c'mon!
She really gets away with everything, that lucky chick!
Anyone has got em btw? Any pix to post with someone wearing it, minus celebs?
Matt has a pair...I think certain people look realllly good in them...but I would never wear sunglasses with a jewel in the middle because I'd look like a dork!
im afraid only Gwen Stefani can get away with it. she's the one who popularized the bindi as a fashion accessory back in the 90's anyway :yes: although full credit should go to Björk who's the originator.

jmho :smile:
I also think that its alittle over the top for me as well....but for some it might be just the thing....the little jewel could of been held in a different way vs. with prongs like it is...thats what turned me off about it the looked off...
i think anyone and rock anything they want to it takes one thing! confidence if you think and feel like a dork then people will see that and say wow look at that dork, but if you work it, sell it, and own it, then even if someone doesnt like what your wearing they can respect the fact that your confident!:yes: