That beautiful blue suede

  1. Maybe one of you SAs can give me a there any chance that the beautiful blue suede in the legacy line is going to be available on a bag that's more like a hobo or a tote? I would love to have either style in that suede. Or even a Ergo...
  2. Do you mean the slate blue that's on the embossed Legacy shoulder bag? I love that color, it's such a Fall color, rich looking!
  3. Yep, that's the one. I love it, but the Legacy Shoulder Flap is so heavy in leather--I'm afraid of how heavy it will be in the suede. The other bag just really isn't my taste.

    I'm going to buy the wristlet, but I would really love a bag in that color...
  4. That's the color. I just love it...but I'm afraid that the Legacy Shoulder Flap will be just too heavy in the suede (it was too heavy in the leather) and I'm just not wild about the other styles (Leigh and the Legacy Shoulder Bag) that it comes in.

    I'm going to get the wristlet, but I would have loved to get something bigger. Even just a swingpack...
  5. Well good luck to you! I was wanting to go and try the embossed Legacy on just to see how much I liked it. However, I am a little leary of an all suede purse. Post pix of what you decide to get. :smile:
  6. I am crazy about the slate embossed suede Legacy but I'm terrified I'd destroy it....and I baby my bags so I'm afraid I'd go nuts hahaha

    But it is drop dead gorgeous no doubt about it.
  7. I took mine out last night and gazed for a while. :girlsigh: It looks so "fall" to me, I'm trying to save it. The one change I would make would be to put leather on the base and a bit up the sides. It's suede all around. I'll be one of the purse people carrying a paper towel to set her down on. ;) I'm not sorry I bought it - it's gorgeous.
    suede1.jpg suede2.jpg suede3.jpg suede4.jpg suede5.jpg
  8. S W O O N

    So gorgeous!
  9. OMG, that bag is beautiful. I love blue! :drool:

  10. OMGosh! What a gorgeous bag, I would take it out and look at it too if it were mine! Thanks for posting photos it certainly makes me want one now for sure.:drool:
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. I know this is an old old thread, but I see this pictures and I always wonder...what does that bag look like now???

    Hopefully, Love & Care kept it looking good!

    Gee, I hope my Apple R&S gets here soon so I can carry my suede bag! :smile: