That bag is great-when you discover a bag you never thought of before...

  1. This forum is so great, there are always bags I never think about as a possibility for me and then suddenly someone here is modeling them or tells about and then I have a look at it and suddenly realise that this would be an option.
    So thanks to the forum I discovered the belem mm, never thought about it and then I saw pictures here and when trying it on at the boutique I realised what a great bag this it.

    What bag did you discover through the forum?
  2. I never thought of actually owning a speedy ( don't like the sag), but since being on this forum, I've taken a new liking to this bag. At this moment, I on a waitlist for the Azur Speedy 30!

    What I found I have discovered mostly are the accessories and wallets!
  3. Me too :nuts:
    I didn't like the sag, plus I prefered shoulder bags. Now I'm a hand held girl plus Speedy lover :love:
  4. i have appreciation for speedy now, I still do not have one but i do admire them.
    hmmm? maybe the dressier items like suhalis and definatley luggage.
    And while I always had a good impression of lv quality, I have even more now.
  5. me it has to be lil accessories.. i never thought about them before till here.. hehehe i just love learning about new stuff all the time.. its great
  6. Speedy-I didn´t like it before!
  7. I fall in love with speedy coz of this forum!...Thanks..
  8. Definitely the accessories. I might never have given a thought to LV scarves or heart key rings or pastilles :drool: until I came here. I was just looking for a shoulder bag. Now my wish list has grown!
  9. everything... never need so many bags before!
  10. monogram noe and ellipse.

    I have to say it was because of this forum I bought both:smile:
  11. i wouldnt even have considered a cles (or even known the difference between pomme and the old red) had this forum not guided me...
  12. A cles for me too. I thought they were pretty much useless before joining. Now I have a few. :smile:
  13. Just like a number of you, I started to appreciate the Speedy because of the forum. :amuse:
  14. I never cared for the noe until I joined this forum and I saw it on a fellow PFer. It's become my favorite bag!!!:love:
  15. I had bought and sold the mono speedy 30 and an epi black speedy; even though I have a Cerises speedy I had decided that the speedy shape was not for me. Then I discovered the damier speedy 30 and can not live with out it! :love: