That Ali just could not go back....

  1. Well, the Ali, smaller Whiskey is still here. The 2 ergos went back, I had purchased (oink) 4 things at the PCE...The whiskey leather is heavy for me and it should go back, but why can't I just do it???? The Espresso should arrive today the Fed Ex. One was the credit, the on a Visa. I will compare the weight and the look of them and then decide. My coach store said they were getting a new floor set tonight. I think they are the Ergo's and maybe something new we do not know as yet. Meanwhile I am not changing bags and toting a brown pebble tote every damn single day I own a Legacy signature cruisewear signature Legacy denim with the scarf and wear jean alot and I do not see myself wearing that one yet and it is summer here all the time. In fact I have not seen anyone with that one, Here they seem to have Whiskey Legacy or brown signature or patchwork. No different things or bright colors. The kids have scribbles. And the wealthy people have lV or Gucci or Prada...that would not be me...So when the truck comes, I have to make a decision..And pretty quick...Cannnot have so many bags...and that is that. period.
  2. so is the larger whiskey the one that hurts your back? i will say it again, if it hurts your back due to that car accident you really shouldnt hurt your body that way, i know the bags are cute and whiskey is a great color, but hopefully the one in expresso works out for you.

    if you want to brighten your bags up for spring/summer then go with charms and ponytail scarves.
  3. This may be a dumb question, but does it hurt when you carry the bag on either arms? Because I know that my left side cannot carry the weight that my right can, because of my back issues.
    Also are you referring to the skinnier Ali or original?
  4. Not a dumb question at all. I am referring to the smaller Whiskey Ali 10327...and I really want to keep this bag. I did try both arms and kept the weight light and there was nodifference. Immediate pain lower back and knee. I have 2 herniated discs do not remember the numbers but low just above the derrierre...When I put the purse on with very little in it , wallet, thin legacy makeup wristlet...keys cell phone and that is nothing much.....I immediately feel pain in that area. And, with my other bags , even though they are the same weight empty, for I weighed them......this one seems to go up to 5 lbs..Cannot understand it....and the pain lasts in the discs when I turn...for hours... I just may need another MRI...DARN IT....cause I am not doing any back the way it does not only happen with bagss....supermarket bags that are heavy..or just lifting....thanks for the suggestion...I appreciate it.
  5. pictures!!!!
  6. It is the smaller ALi 10327, and it measures 10x13 by about 1 1/2 not 3 inces wide, but still it does have the heavy leather and that side hardware on a smaller scale. I thought it would be lighter...but it is not much..We will see when the signature gets here. I thought it best to just wait a day or two. Yes, I agree no cuteness is worth pain to the body or the is not only bags but other things do it too, but a bag one carries for hours takes a toll and if I feel it quickly, it is not the bag for me, you are CORRECT!!!!!!
  7. ooo can i see a picture pretty please!!!
  8. Oh, Lynn. :heart: I hope you have better luck with the Signature. Maybe the lack of leather will be lighter. The pebble totes seem to be really light, so keep using that. I know it is frustrating, my grandma has back problems and can only use certain bags, but try to keep using a light bag until you can find one you like and that likes you as well. Good luck. :flowers:
  9. Soon as DH comes home, we will try to take one..Picture whiskey Ali but slimer...and a bit smaller...I will do it just for you....but the camera is with him....:heart:
  10. I should have gotten a black pebble tote , it is usally the heave hardware that bothers me. I should not just lusted after what everyone else loved and I loved too but been more practical..Wonder if I should post a thought on what are the comfortable bags...if not the really coveted ones...good idea?:heart:
  11. Okay okay, promise...promise:heart:
  12. I noticed that you didn't want to take your bags back to the boutique because of the SA's there. Instead you returned them to the outlet. I think their computers are linked up so when you go back to the boutique to buy something, the SA's can see that you did an outlet return, I think.
  13. sry i just have to say i love the fact that you say "oink" when refering to how much you purchase. it sounds a lot like me. i almost can't say no if i have the cash on hand! i think the ali is gorgous but if you're not going to use it, or if it's going to cause you problems, you know what you have to do.

    *ponders purchasing the piggy coach charm* ;)

    i definately hear ya, sometimes it's very hard to say no!~
  14. Lynn-I think it would be a good idea to make a thread about light/lighter bags. You may get some really good ideas.
  15. wow, my mom sold her Ali for the back-problem reason . . . it's a shame too because although she was right in selling it, I like it now. she offered it to me first, but i didn't like it and now i want one! she sold it for like $350! oh well.

    anyway (back on topic) my advice is to pick a bag you like that won't physically hurt you.