Thanksgiving Sales!

  1. Hello ladies!

    I am wondering about Thanksgiving sales. I'm Canadian and planning a trip to Chicago for sometime in the next couple of weeks. If I go before Thanksgiving, will the sales have started? Do sales continue after Thanksgiving (if I were to go the following week)? Please help! Thanks!
  2. The best time is usually the day after Thanksgiving, if you can stomach the crowds. Last year, Desert Hills Premium outlets started at midnight the day after! And the crowds were insane even at that time, but some great deals were to be found.
  3. yep, people line up for the crazy sales right after thanksgiving dinner sometimes. the sales are super but it will be extremely crowded though.
  4. wish i had friday after thanksgiving off... i would give so many thanks :jammin:
  5. actually I've heard that many retailers are planning Black Friday-type sales in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, so you may still be able to find some deals! I would check dailycandy for Chicago sales.
  6. Hmm you can go to chicago premium outlet in Aurora around midnight. Last year I went there around 12 am, arrived at 3 am lol. Took me 3 hours to get was CRAZY !!!!!
    The extra discount usually only until 5 or 6 am...somewhere around there. The discount usually ends early on friday since they start to open the store around midnight.
    So you better leave as early as you can since it will be SUPER CROWDED !!!
  7. i live about 20 minutes from the aurora outlets but i'm scared to go at midnight. my friend went last year and she said it was packed. she said the lines were extremely long and you have to pick and choose which stores you really wanted to shop at b/c the purchase lines would be so time consuming.
  8. I was just going to post that site. I used it last year & it was a big help. You can use it to plan your "strategy" for Black Friday.:roflmfao:There are so many deals out there so it helps to plan!