Thanksgiving Sale?

  1. Hi guys,

    I spent my junior HS year at an American Highschool as an exchange student. So I lived in the US for a year. I remember that the day after (?) thanksgiving we got up REALLY early since there was this huge sale going on everywhere.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but:
    Can anyone tell me whether that is every year (I guess it's linked to Thanksgiving, isn't it?) and when exactly it is this year? Do most stores participate? :shame:

    Thanks for helping a German Girl :flowers:
  2. Hi, actually, what you're referring to is Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving which is Thursday), and yes, it does happen every year. A LOT of stores participate, but usually you have to look through the ads on the newspaper to see the deals you can get. Sorry I can't be more specific; sometimes department stores will give out free things (most of it is novelty stuff), but a lot of stores can have discounts between 40-80 percent off. You have to be early and fast though because you won't be the only one who wants those deals!
  3. Hello Kittie,
    That wonderful day, the day after Thanksgiving, is the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. It occurs every year and literally every store in the country participates in the huge sales. This day even has a name. It's called "Black Friday". Any merchants who were in the red before will certainly now be in the black (profit)! There is always something for everyone's taste, desire and budget at a big discount on Black Friday. Read the papers for the big sales and get up early to grab the bargains as there aren't many of the really HUGE deals. There may even be some sort of sales online, but I have never checked. They won't be large discounts, though. You must go to the stores for that.
    BTW, Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November and Black Friday is the following day.
    Kitty Katz
  4. Ladies,

    YOU just got me all excited :wlae:

    I wasn't sure whether that was a local thing or whatever.

    This practically means that this year "Black Friday" will be on November 25th, right? :drool: :graucho:
  5. Hi Kittie! Black Friday this year will be on 11/24. Department stores, electronic stores, and even Costco (believe it or not!) open early--some at the crack of dawn--to accomodate bargain shoppers. A lot items will be discounted but usually not hugh end designer brands (like LV, Chanel, etc.). Good luck!
  6. Sweet! that's exactly the time that I'll be visiting the states :yahoo:

    My poor boyfriend .... :P
  7. yes, there are tons of sales during the day after thanksgiving.. but you have to wake up early because the lines get really long, such as at Bestbuy or even Fry's... if you are into computer gadgets or electronics stuff..
  8. I never dare venture out that day but the good news is that each year more and more online stores are having good deals as well.
  9. ar lea´st some reason for my bf to get up with me :graucho: