Thanksgiving Outfits/dresses =)

  1. I like the dress, though I wouldn't wear it for Thanksgiving. My family's very casual and I'd dress a little more conservatively esp for grandparents etc.
  2. yeah...the dress was a bit low cut lol...
  3. im having thanksgiving at home with just my immediate family, so im probably gonna wear SWEATS! lol

    i like the dress but would only wear it with a black buttoned up cardigan over
  4. I'll probably be in some mercer wash 7 Dojos, a white tank top, a cardigan of some kind/color and my metallic gold Coach flats :smile:
  5. well, im hosting so ill be pretty casual and comfy. maybe dark denim jeans lightweight sweater or tshirt w/cardie and my gold flats---thanks for the idea candace!!
  6. casual wear for me
  7. I need to find an outfit ASAP!!! My older brother is having thanksgiving dinner @ his new place and I just found out that he's inviting a lot of his cute friends & some coworkers. I was just planning on wearing jeans & a regular sweater but I have to scrap that idea! I'll have 2 find an outfit that won't look like I'm trying too hard to be cute (because my family will have jokes) and nothing that makes me look like a baby sister (I'm 24 damn it)! LOL! Even if one of my bro's friends offers 2 hook me up with a baby-brother, I'll be pleased. I'm on the prowl for a nonchalant man-getter outfit!
  8. [​IMG]

    This is what I planned, hopefully I'll find these boots today. ​
  9. lol! :p hmmm I'll search around and definately post back when I have some ideas =) So basically is there anything in particular you are looking for? like for example do you want to wear jeans/slacks or a Skirt/dress?? this will help me out more when trying to find an outfit for you =)

  10. CUTE CUTE CUTE! i love the boots...what brand are those? i need some brown boots! arrgh. ! anywho it seems as though thanksgiving is very casual this year..maybe every year? i dont know why but i always dress up LOL.....
  11. I don't even remotely dress up for Thanksgiving...just a casual dinner with family. I'll probably have on jeans and a sweatshirt :p
  12. Well its dinner with my mom and dad and aunts-all in there 70's. My kids are coming from college, so I'll guest I 'll try to dress a little nice,probably black knit pants and a charcoal sweater, especially since my daughter is bringing her new boyfriend.
    We love to eat so I want comfy pants so I can eat and breathe!
  13. OMG! I love TPF!!! Thanks for offering to help! Okay, so I'm thinking maybe a trouser style denim jeans, pumps and shirt that is flattering but loose in the stomach area (to hide all the food I will consume during the dinner). Maybe I should wear skinny jeans, boot & a tunic shirt? Arrggghhh!!! This shouldn't be frustrasting but I wish thanksgiving wasn't so close! Its barely enough time 2 order anything online!