thanksgiving in vegas!

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  1. i'm off to vegas early meeting up with peanutbabycakes sometime at the H store....more of my H-addict galpals are arriving this coming saturday.....hopefully, there's a little bit of something that will tickle our orange fancy!

    and we will leave significant H inventory for the tPF meeting the following weekend! wish us luck guys!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL tPFers! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Have a great time, Pazt!!!! Go get 'em in Vegas, baby!!!!!
  3. Yay! Have a blast!
  4. Have a fabulous time in Vegas! :yahoo: Be sure to report back on the H inventory!!
  5. THANK YOU GUYS! we'll repport back as soon as i can!
  6. Have fun!!!! Can't wait to hear all about H in LV! :yahoo:
  7. Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear about H inventory!!!
  8. ^^^Have FUN Patz, and others!! Good luck with more H-boxes!!:yahoo:
  9. Have a great time!! Leave some goodies for us!
  10. i hoped that the Vegas tPf mtg. was this weekend, so, i get to meet tPF pals! maybe next time.........:shame:
  11. I love the Vegas reports! Do share and have a blast!!!
  12. Look for Shopmom's bracelet and have a great time!
  13. gracekelly, thanks! i will be hunting for a lot of things and hoping vegas has them! :nuts:
  14. Have a wonderful trip! Which bags are you bringing?
  15. This is so exciting L. Have tons of fun for those of us that can't be there, sending lucky H-vibes your way :P
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