Thanksgiving H-crisis....HELP

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  1. We are spending Thanksgiving with family up in Maplewood NJ this year. I was set to wear my vintage black dress and my Kelly..... but I am having a shoe crisis. I usually wear the dress with a pair of MJ heels (pic 1) but they have a gentle grey pattern on the toes that I think clashes a bit with the gold h/w on my Kelly. The other alternatives would be to wear my Prada boots (pic 2) or a plain pair of black pumps. Please give me your opinions:tender:
    a2.jpg a1.jpg
  2. How about a pic of the plain black pumps too???

    I almost made my decision, but want to see the pumps.
  3. Great legs Rose!
    I would go for the pumps. The boots are a bit too naughty for Thanksgiving in Maplewood/NJ ;)
  4. I had to stop photographing myself as my teen just got home and she thinks I am weird enough!! My black pumps are the plain patent Manolos, I am afraid you guys will have to use your imagination with this one as I dont want to risk my family having my carted away to an asylum for the insane self photographing H Moms! No 'alone' time for me again until Monday.....
  5. I vote for the pumps too. But the boots are hot! :flowers:
  6. I def. vote for the pumps!!! More understated and elegant...perfect for a family Thanksgiving meal!:idea:
  7. The plain Manolo pumps. You can not go wrong with the Manolos.

    The boots are a big NO. The MJ shoes are my 2nd choice.
  8. me likey the pumps! the pumps are more appropriate for the family thanksgiving dinner. the boots are fun and would go well with a birkin, but the pumps are very elegant with the kelly!
  9. The boots are HOT, but I would go for the pumps!!! The Kelly looks fabulous!!!
  10. The pumps for sure. Love the boots. Have to laugh at the self photography moments. My family thinks its a little strange too. But how nice to be able to get so many other opinions without venturing out of the house.
  11. Love 'em both. What will the weather be? V. Cold - boots. No snow - pumps.
  12. It's next week, so I doubt it will snow. Pumps are coming out on top.....
  13. Total agreement, couldn't say it better:yes:
  14. Oh, Rose, YOU LOOK "Great" with both, but I agree about the pumps, I choose the pumps. :yes: Everything looks so FABULOUS on you.
  15. Rose, I'd wear the pumps. And your Kelly is pure love!
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