thanksgiving coming up in U.S.

  1. hi all.
    trying to plan ahead... the U.S. thanksgiving holiday in the states in November..... does the coach outlets have any special sales over this holiday period?? does anyone remember from past years ??

    and if so.... how many days are their sales ??
    and what type of discounts do you remember ??

    thanks !
  2. Yes, our outlet store is always packed that weekend.
  3. I am pretty sure on all holiday weekends, Coach outlets have sales.
  4. Every store has some type of thanksgiving sale.. its less about the giving and more about the buying lol. But I have to admit, that's probably the most time I spent with my family, in the same store, so the sales have to have some merit LOL.
  5. If you go on Black Friday (day after thanksgiving), it is INSANE.

    You have to stand in line for at least an hour and a half to purchase your item, the store is PACKED so that you can barely grab what you like without having some b!tch push their way through you and the shelf, and it's a mess after 5 mins. of opening.

    However they do have an 'early bird special' where it's like 10 - 15% off everything in the store (the exact percentage varies depending on where you're at)
  6. as anyone known a store to have a lineup going INTO the store ?? I might be shopping with kids... and you know how kids in a lineup are ??? not compatible.. especially if its purse shopping for me !