thanksgiving/ christmas present for my mother

  1. hi! this is my first time posting in the chanelsection of the purse forum! (im alouis vuitton lover!

    my mother is a very hardworking mom.:love: she does everything she can and she loves me to death. for one thing, she knows how to shop! (that is a very nice plus!) she has been looking at a black cambon tote (the big black one with the shiny black CC's on the corner) ever since this summer and she wants one sooo badly. the price is way over her limit. since we are redoing our house, and my dad just bought a new bmw, it is kinda hard for her to have to courage to ask my dad for that bag. i was thinking, do you guys have any other suggestions to a bag (it can be over 1,000 dollars) because now she is sooo into chanel

    thanks! :tender:
  2. If she really has her eye on that particular bag, it may be worth looking at ebay and also some of the resellers like Please post all your finds in the 'authenicate this' thread before you make any final decisions.....
  3. The Small Timeless CC tote is only $1,095. It comes in different colors.
  4. I'd get her the tote, it's A LOT of Chanel bag for the price!