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  1. here is my first LV !! thank you all for helping me with my decision , everyone is so nice on this forum, so glad I met you, thanks again really appreciate it[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. oops !! I carnt see them ?
  3. Please repost pics..
  4. sometimes I'm so stupid:shame:, let me try again
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] maybe this time it'll work out
  6. nope , I guess I need help:sad:
  7. No theres nothing showing sorry !!
  8. If you want to PM me your photos I can post them for you.
  9. finaly!!lucky me that my brother came home and fixed it[​IMG]


  10. wow, that is really pretty! i'm thinking about getting one of those.... can't decide between the damier or the monogram.
  11. damier
  12. I've had the same problem , but I ended up with this one and I couldn't be more satisfied, I mean I just love it:love:
  13. Congrats! I hope you're really enjoying your purchase! I bought a cerise sac plat recently--my first LV. Isn't it so exciting?
  14. wow! thats so beautiful! yeah, on my list i've got an LV Papillon - can't decide either... Mono or Daimer, but I think it Daimer is great... i keep seeing it on here!!!

    The first LV piece is always the best piece! enjoy and congrats and thanks so much for sharing your new bag with us!!!!

    PS, give it a hug for me! hehehehe!