Thanks TPF-my 1,000th post!

JNH14 crisis!
Nov 3, 2006
Somewhere South...
Just wanted to say what a great time I've had since I joined this forum in November. It's been a great way to share the bag fetish among friends that can relate to your obsessions! It has NOT been kind to my wallet here's the damage thus far!:heart:

Abro Pocket Tote-Blue
Botkier Trigger Tote-Tan
Bulga Pudding Flap Tote-Turqouise
Bulga Medioum Studded Hobo-Teal
Elezar Navy Hobo
Carlos Falchi Dr. Bag-White/green stitching
Kale Tate in lawn
Kooba Nisha in moss
Kooba Frankie in cream
Kooba Elisha in red
Longchamp leather hobo in burnt orange/2 tones
Michael Kors Tote in Brown leather and green suede
Marc Jacobs Sophia in medium brown
Miu Miu Knotted Hobo in naturale
Prada Leather Hobo in red
Isabella Fiore Whipflash Elaina in Bronze
Isabella Fiore Tote in black
Mulberry Emmy in oak and cognac
Belen Echandia "Take Me Anywhere" in petrol
Zefanya Brown leather tote
Botegga Veneta Tan leather tote

OMG? What have I done? This forum is putting me in handbag heaven, but leaving my finances in the poor house!:nuts: Thanks ladies, for a great 7 months!:yes:

handbag helen

Dec 5, 2006
Congrats on your 1000. This forum is so much fun. I had no idea there were so many of us out there.


Feb 4, 2006
Congrats on your 1000th post! Your 'damage' is a common right of passage among tPFers ... you're definitely not alone! LOL