thanks to...

  1. My bf today because he left the comfort of our home on a Saturday just to drive down and pick me up several free magazines because it had the Pirata advertisement on the back. It was the same free Japanese magazine that had the ad for Paradiso, like those postcards.

    TokidokiLover: Let me know if you want one, since he picked up 5 for me.

    So I know this is a random thread, but it IS tokidoki related and I just wanted to give thanks because he's also always just sitting around for hours on end while I sit here talking to you guys. :p
  2. Thats a very sweet guy!
  3. yup you are a lucky girl! does he have a brother? ;) j/k. btw, i saw your myspace page and you are too cute. your default picture looks like an anime character especially your face expression.
  4. He has an older brother that is married with kids and is not a very nice guy.

    My bf is just truly one of those "one in a million" type of guys. The men in my life are the best... Him, my dad (I'm daddy's little girl), and my younger brother acts like my older brother and looks out for me and gives me Coach and Tiffany's for my birthday and Christmas all the time. *lol* Before that, he gave me $1000 cash (I still haven't spent it to this day), but that's because I was having a "rough patch". I am a very lucky girl.
  5. maya, you are really blessed! i, on the other hand, have not been as fortunate as you but am glad to know that there are still good men out there ... somewhere. ;) it gives me hope that they are real and it's not a myth! lmao.
  6. maya what are those magazines? I want one lol... but I don't think I've ever seen a tokidoki advertisement (then again I don't look at magazines much)
  7. oh yeah, meant to ask about the mags too. which one is it? i can ask my friend to pick me up one when he goes to work at waiks.
  8. When I went to Waikiki, They havemany japanese mag with tokidoki adv, but when I went there in March, They only had the adv with the fafi print, nothing tokidoki.
  9. ooh does it have the monkey w/the eye patch? if it does can i have one too? :biggrin: ...yup your are one lucky girl!
  10. They're not from Waikiki, but I'm sure you could find them there...? I don't know.

    The previous ad on the Japanese magazine had the black angel woman with her big wings and some angel children around her, just like those postcards. This current ad is the same photo if you go to the LeSportsac website and you click on tokidoki. It's that short-haired girl with the Adios Star bag and Pirata and Spiaggia characters around her. I don't remember which Japanese magazine the first ad was from but we got it from the Hanazen restaurant that's right next to the Ala Moana Wal-Mart. This current Japanese magazine is called "Kau Kau" and was located INSIDE Wal-Mart at the local food restaurant.

    vmasters: It does have the little eyepatch monkey sitting on the woman's shoulder.
  11. Maya, do you think you can mail just the ad for me ? Do you still have the black angel woman with angels around her & also I would love to have the pirata one cause I adore the monkey? I can send you a prepaid envelope.
  12. ooh can you send me one :biggrin: if you still have any left :graucho:
  13. I have four extras total. I guess the first one's to ask me can have them. julicrystal and vmasters is two already. I can send it to you if you give me a SASE.
  14. Maya..what does SASE stands for?
  15. ohh i got it.. Self Address Stamped Envelope..