Thanks to Zacorey dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I've received my dream bag..... a lilac city in amazing condition!!!!!!
    But :
    Lauren ( Zacorey) knew that i was looking for this bag......
    She saw an auction on ebay....she purchased it with BIN and she wrote me a PM.....she was offering me the bag :heart: :heart: :heart: ...
    So i paid the seller and Zacorey has shipped the bag to me !!!!!!
    I cannot explain what this means for me!!!!
    Here are the pics.... I'm in heaven!!!!

    And.......the same day i've received the lilac i've returned my gian brief in vert d'eau and i've come back home with a wonderful brief in naturel.......
    It is already Xmas for me!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

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  2. More pics:heart: :heart: :heart:

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  3. Thats awesome! YAY for you! Zacorey has a heart of gold doesnt she!:heart:
  4. CONGRATS LB !!! I love the color and leather, it's super smooshy !!! :yahoo:

    Did you ever end up getting that ink ?
  5. Hi Jydeals,
    i did not buy the ink.....
    I've spent too much!!
    :shame: :shame:
  6. oooh congrats l_b, and zac, u're such a sweeheart :love:
  7. beautiful bags!
  8. that's a super sweet gesture on zacorey's part, there are still good people in this world! beautiful bag!!
  9. OMG :nuts: TDF bag :love:
    PFer are the BEST :love:
  10. I'm sooooooooo happy for you l-b !!!!
    Your City is MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!!!!
    And Zacorey is a real sweetheart !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gorgeous...all of them!!!
    Oh, and zac completely rocks! :jammin:
  12. lb. congrats o your new bags!!:supacool: and zac, you are the best!:heart: you make this subform proud!:love:
  13. That is SOOO sweet!! Congrats on the new bags, they're beautiful.

    Zacorey, you are SO kind!
  14. awww thats so nice of zacorey to do that...and lilac is a beauty. I am loving naturel in the new hardware:love: Congrats!!!!!!
  15. You guys I am seriously BLUSHING!!!!:blush: My cheeks are bright red!!!! I love to help out!!! l_b has helped me to get a bag in the past too~ so it was my pleasure!!!!

    l_b~ That Lilac is so beautiful!!! I was tempted to keep it ya know! LOL:lol: It's in perfect condition too!!! WOW! The brief in this color is AMAZING!!!:love: You're collection is TDF! TDF!!! TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: