Thanks to you ladies... I have a new Matinee! *pics*

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  1. I managed to snag on of the last Chocolate Matinees out there! I love it... The color is so neutral yet rich, and the pockets are amazing. I'm a lover of the tassels on RMs bags, so I was happy to get one of the last Fall bags!
    IMG_1884.JPG IMG_1885.JPG IMG_1886.JPG IMG_1887.JPG
  2. its very pretty :smile:
    congrats on ur bag
  3. Wow... beautiful. That may be one of the best Matinees. I love the color of the suede.
  4. I love the color of that bag!!! Beautiful!!
  5. Thanks. Every time I get back on here I get enthralled and loving the bags you all have. I have wanted the chocolate for a long time. My first RM bag is a Royal MAB, so this is a nice neutral color to have now.
  6. I just saw this color on a website and breifly considered it is gorgeous!!!!! I might have to re-consider....hehehehe
  7. Congrats!!!:smile: That color combo was actually one I had wanted awhile ago, but ended up with another color.
  8. congrats! the choco looks sooo yummy!
  9. Wow! I love it! The leather looks very yummy! Congrats!
  10. It's so great, thanks! MrsShoeGale, where did you see it? You should snatch it up!!
  11. I love the flaps! the contrast is gorgeous against the leather colour.
  12. Yeah, Rebecca picks the best two colors to work together. All of the matinees are great!
  13. Your chocolate looks TDF! What color is the contrasting suede flaps?
  14. The tag says Wine, but it looks like an eggplant color to me.
  15. I love the suede flaps! That's a gorgeous bag. Congrats! Don't you just love the Matinee?