Thanks to Winners, I doubled my collection

  1. Until now, I haven't posted pictures of my wee collection, because there are so many people here with some awesome stuff. And then yesterday, I found a Winners with so much toki...and I bought everything I saw. I am Out. Of. Control. And I believe there's smoke coming out of my visa card! I bought the foresta scuola, the citta luna, scuola, trenino and nuvola, and the citta rosa nuvola.

    Anyway, everything except the citta rosa trenino is mine, all mine! I convinced my friend to buy the trenino. It's her first toki, hee hee. I also have 4 more bags coming from the outlet, not to mention spiaggia and other new prints which I haven't gotten yet!
    citta.jpeg citta rosa.jpeg foresta.jpeg everyone else.jpeg together.jpeg
  2. And I have 4 non-lesportsac bags, which I got during my recent (as in I got back 2 days ago!) trip to Italy.
    fornarina.jpeg lollypop.jpeg shopper.jpeg makeup.jpeg
  3. **FAINT** again. I can't imagine having that many bags!
  4. OMG!!! your collection is so big.
  5. I saw ur collection on LJ! Its to die for!!! I loooove everything, but my gosh, it cost sooo freaking much. I guess its super worth it because we dont have anything cool like that here. Love the bikini and flipflops btw!
  6. wow, awesome collection!! i also like those 3 all-over non-lesportsac bags :smile:
  7. congrats on your goodies :biggrin: :drool:
  8. Wow, congrats on all your shizit!! Hehe. :tup:
  9. wow you're on fire :lol: so wait you're the one that went to italy and bought all those nifty things that posted on LJ?! I really want the pink polo :shocked: and the leather bag!!
  10. O:huh:o yeah I saw this on LJ too. OK your collection is HUGE....and that one leather non-lesportsac bag...that is something I NEED! I need to make a friend in ITALY FOR SERIOUSNESS.....I NEED THAT BAG. That is my fave print on my shirts....OMG BLEHHHHHHHHHHH.
  11. Can someone post a link? I wanna see, I wanna see!
  12. wow awesome collection! you have lotsa bigger bags, lovely!
    i actually like the non-LSS toki bags you have too... esp. THIS ONE! :tup: too cute! what's the damage for this non-LSS btw?
  13. Thanks guys. I have officially gone insane!

    It was 119 Euro, so about 180 USD/CAD. It's quite a small bag, a bit bigger than a dolce, and flat like a ciao, so it's relatively expensive.
  14. GREAT collection!!! I love the bags from Italy!
  15. Great collection! I don't think I've ever heard of anyone buying so much toki all at one time!! :nuts:

    congrats!! :tup: