Thanks to txmommy's recent post...

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  1. I read how you called your outlet twice before you got the correct info on the bag you wanted, so it prompted me to call mine one more time. They still dont have the resort stuff, which is good because I bought it all on ebay already!, but the bag I wanted to check on was on sale from the last time I was there and they had one left!!! She pulled it out of the back, and I'll pick it up next Friday. Oh, its the purple patent hobo - I liked it ok last time but not for $250, but its down now to $189, and will look amazing w/the resort accessories! The best part is I have a $600 credit to use, so I can return it when I get there and just use my credit and still have alot left! Heres a pic from ebay of the bag. So thanks to Txmommy for giving me the idea to call again!!:yahoo:

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  2. Hmm! I love the patent purple! I hope to find one of these at the outlet soon!
  3. Love it and it's a great deal! Congrats!
  4. i've seen the patent purple, ery nice color. The Soho I fell in love with was the red color, my boutique was sold out, but that is a nice color,,, and of course i waited to long, oh well, it wasnot meant to be,,, :crybaby:
  5. Pretty!!
  6. Now I have to hold out till next Friday to go pick it up!!
  7. Congrats, I have this bag and looooooooooove it!
    You got a good deal on it too.

    FYI the purple Optic mini sig scarf looks awesome on it....;)

  8. Great, thanks - another scarf to add to my growing list of must-have scarves!!!
  9. So pretty--and yes, your new resort accessories will go beautifully with it. Can't wait to see it all together!
  10. Pretty shiny purse! Good deal too. I think that calls for a big WooHoo! :woohoo:
  11. WOW! I love a good Coach ending! That bag is gorgeous and it's great to hear an inspirational story like this...enjoy :woohoo:
  12. Good call your persistence pays off!
  13. hmm now im so hung up on wether to go tomorrow or not? I have a bad feeling it would just be a wasted day if I went because it seems like there is nothing there. But its going to be completely dead tomorrow. But if I go on Monday, presidents day, there will be ALOT of people there which would be god as they will be bringing more out but bad cu things leave faster. AHHH so confused. Ill let the weather decide for me, not driving the 53.2 miles in snow. They are calling for 4 inches in AC tomorrow.

  14. OMG:roflmfao: girl, I'm not touching this one, but I think you get it!;)
  15. :wtf: You dirty dirty girl..maybe we should hope for 12? :graucho: :P :nuts: