THANKS TO tPF members and a ? owners of ROUGE VIF...

  1. Hi, I would love to thank everyone here on tPF who helped me decide on getting a red city. I've decided on the :heart: ROUGE VIF.:heart: The color is TDF!!! I am extremely happy with my purchase! :yahoo: I am in LOVE!!!

    Now, I bought the Applegarde spray for my handles. I have never used this product and was thinking of just spraying just the handles so I can avoid it getting darker. Would you recommend spraying only the handles? If so, how many times?

    How about the conditioning of it? I also bought the leather care conditioner in a bottle. When should I do this??? :shrugs:

    I am a little bit scared as the SA said not to spray the leather with anything. So, if any of you have used this product what would you suggest? I would love to use my city now but i want to protect it first. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Oh great congrats I l:heart:ove mine!
    They always say not to treat maybe it's to protect themselves ?!
    I used the spray on the whole bag but tried it on a tassle first. I do have the lotion too but my bag is perfect the way it is so I will only treat it when or if I get the feel it dried out a little. For now no need.
    Isn't the leather on the rouge vifs just wonderful!
  3. Yay, another Rouge VIF owner. Red is so hot this season, I love how the leather yummy and gorgeous! It's definitely an eye opener.

    Cat...did the spray turn your bag darker?
  4. Not at all no colorchang whatsoever!
  5. hehehe, i cant wait to get my ROUGE VIF city!!! My first ever RED bag! woop woop!!!
    I've never used anything on any of my b-bags, but i guess spraying something on the handles is a good idea.
  6. helen, is yours on it's way right now??? It's also my first all red bag and it's awesome!!!! everytime i look at it i get happy for some odd reason.
  7. When I got my rouge vif, I didn't condition the bag at all. I only sprayed it with the Apple Rain and Stain Repellant all over the bag. Extra sprays on the handles to protect it from getting darken. I'm going to re-spray the handles this weekend again since I notice a slight darkening.
  8. I used the appleguard for handles. I found that it darkened the handles a bit. Apparently that goes away. The darkening is even and doesn't have the same look as darkened handles from use. (which I am hoping to avoid). I have a wallet in this color and it is darkening on the edges. I think you have to be careful with this color (as opposed the dark colors).
  9. i've only used the applegarde spray on my rouge vif work. i spray my bags 3 times (drying in between coats). i haven't had to use the conditioner. i think, i was the first to get the rouge vif back in july. as good as it looked when i first got her, i honestly think she actually looks and feels much better now.
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. I'll see how it goes... Any other suggestions are welcome!

    Esile, how often do you use your rouge vif work?
  11. ^ i have 5 works/weekenders that i rotate through as my every day bag depending on my outfit, but the one i have been using the most is my rouge vif work, turq 05 work, and black weekender. so, i use it pretty often.
  12. yes :yahoo: it should be here in about a week or so! i'm very excitied! :wlae: hehehehe! i hope i feel the same way once it arrives! :graucho: