Thanks to tPF I almost didnt get this done in time...

  1. I had no clue where to post this, so here it is, in the General Discussion thread.

    I had 3 days to fulfill this order, but I kept getting sidetracked with tPF! I think I should move the computer OUT of the sewing room! lol

    Anyway, I got it done!:yahoo:

    So, I thought I would share...

  2. Gorgeous! Is that your business? Clothing design? Too cool!
  3. That's really cute. You did a great job!
  4. Is that Dora? That's so cool! Does the client give you the clothes and you apply the designs or do you provide the clothes too?
  5. Very cool! Awesome job! :smile: time flies on tPF eh?:biggrin:
  6. Thanks so much everyone!

    Yea thats my business! I also make purses and blankets :smile:. I :heart: to sew, Im like a Grandma trapped in a 20 y/o body! lmao.

    I usually provide the clothing in the requested size, but some people prefer to send me the clothes. Its all preference.
  7. Very cool! Good to hear you managed to finish it.