Thanks to those who share the latest BV news!

  1. Syma inspired this post--thank you, my dear.

    Big hugs to all of you who take time to post news and pics about new BV styles and colors from the US and all over the world. I learn more here than anywhere else:yes: about the coming fashions for Bottega Veneta and I appreciate it so much! Not living in a metro area, it's hard to get as much info as I'd like. Thanks to PF'rs in Cali, NYC, London, the rest of Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. I can enjoy styles and colors I'd never otherwise see. I get to shop in Chicago 3-4 times a year, but for the other 350 days of the year, you all are a godsend.:flowers:
  2. I second that! I've learned so much on the BV forum and tpf in general to help me make informed choices.
  3. Me too! I would never know about (and be dreaming of) the mini sized cabat in ottone if not for this forum, and I would never have ordered my campana in limo without the fantastic pictures on this forum. Thanks everyone!
  4. I fourth it!! Without you guys I wouldn't have ever SEEN BV in the first place... it is so hidden away in the one location here that even carries it that I walked by many times without ever seeing it was there!
  5. Me five!!! I don't even remember how I came in the BV sub forum in the first place, but it's been just wonderful to get to know more about BV and its philosophy as well as all of you lovely people. Thank you all so much!!!
  6. I love this forum. :party:Everyone is so helpful and sweet. I learn about the upcoming styles/colors here first and of course the great sales! :flowers:
  7. i am totally addicted to this forum... and miss everyone so much when i don't get to check in daily. :flowers:
  8. This is an awesome place, everyone is so genuinely helpful, supportive and friendly and I looooove seeing all the bags.

    But what makes this place especially nice is how so many people here really go out of their way to help others. :love:

    Just wanted to say BIG THANK YOU to all those who share and contribute to site.
  9. I agree w/ everyone. We have the best subforum and the nicest tPFers!!! You guys rock!
  10. This forum is amazing and all you guys are wonderful for sharing all your information as boxermom said. Thank you also to all those in the authenticate thread (particularly boxermom) who take the time and effort to make eBay shopping a better experience!:flowers:

    This thread is just so apt for the holiday season. Happy holidays everyone!
  11. THANK YOU my dear tPF is richer with all of you...:heart::tup::heart:
  12. I completely agree... I have surfed other forums on TPF and while people are nice, feel like this one is home... Honestly, it's nice to be able to talk, laugh, joke, aspire to, lust after purses - without getting the "huh???" look from friends, or the withering, "You have HOW many purses???" ...

    So thanks for being such a great bunch!
  13. I absolutely agree. This subforum is the BEST. Thank you all my lovely BV friends. BV is my forum home away from home. There's so much warmth and love here. A very special thanks to boxermom for starting this thread and her tireless efforts in the authenticate thread.

    Love you all!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. I can only chime in! There`s no place like this to chat, to feel as if you`ve got virtual bag-friends, to constantly check for the latest news from all over the world. And not only purse-wise, I somwhow feel as if I`m getting to know all the different cultures here a little better!

    So, happy holidays to all of you wonderful people in this nice forum!
  15. thats why i love it here b'c we shares wealth of information without being selfish. i think we have the best subforum here-not just i think, I KNOW! everyone here is so sweet and helpful. :heart:

    happy holidays my dear purse friends :love: