Thanks to this Forum, I by chance went to Marshalls....


Oct 10, 2008
Where there is a 25% sale on all merchandise....just so happened to drop in after searching through TJMax and some other places, and found a Roberta Gandolfi Handbag that was on clearance, then another 25% off!!:yahoo:

Roberta Gandolfi is a relatively new company from Italy whose bags are handmade to order.....the quality ranges from Medine to High end, including Fine Bags.....

Admittedly I did get on the floor and search, search, search, but found several bags, went to a mirror, and decided on this one particular purse. Saved enough money to buy a new wallet, new makeup bag, new closed wallet where I can put my business cards.....just All sorts of things..!!:wlae:

You will have to forgive me for being so excited about this find, but the bottom line dollar was $44.75, before tax. :faint: What was so great was that all the purse accessories I got were mostly on clearance, too!!:tup:

It's been MORE years than I would like to admit since I have found a purse this cheap, plus with all the accessories for the purse....I pay more for a wallet alone than this, so please forgive my exurberance.........:smile: This is a very stylist purse that will carry me anywhere.....:heart:

Just had to share the news, and when I learn more about this forum and how to post pictures, will have to do so......This is like Christmas!......:smile:
Thanks to the thread on this forum, you inspired me to go check things out, and it was soooooo fun to find such a steal.......:smile:
:yahoo: :woohoo: :okay: