Thanks to the fabulous PGN and ELux, I'm getting my Mandarin Jasmin!

  1. All hail PGN, great new personal friend and wonderful PF member! She stumbled on a Mandarin Epi Jasmin on ELux (you never know when a missing bag will pop up there again) and held it in her shopping bag until she could get in touch with me via PF PM to let me know.

    And even though she PM'd me again at 9 tonight, and I didn't see it until just now, I went to ELux and it! was! there!

    It's ordered, it's mine, and I didn't have to pay sales tax woo-hoo-hoo! (yeah, I didn't get the ****** cashback but I wasn't going to take the chance on it getting booted out of my shopping bag at that point)

    Even my husband who thinks I am insane in general on this type of thing agreed that after everything that went down yesterday, I would be even more insane NOT to buy it now that it's available on ELux.


    Now all I need to do is call Jaleh at the REAL Chevy Chase LV and let her know I found one, and then start composing my very angry letter to the LV mothership about the Saks Chevy Chase LV's sleazy antics. <evil laugh>

    Remember, it's the power of the PF that made this possible. All hail PF!
  2. Hail PF!

    aye aye matie...
  3. Yay for happy endings! :smile: Congrats on getting your Jasmin.
  4. I love happy endings.

  5. I'm So Happy For You.....Congratulations On Your Beautiful New Jasmin!
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: Congratulations!!!!!
  7. YAYY...happy ending !!!!! Congrats !!!!
  8. awesome!!! this is wonderful news!!! congrats!!!!! yeah - good PF!!!
  9. Thats so sweet of PGN.....aww congrats on your bag!!

  10. I'm glad you've found your jasmin! Please post pics when you get it. :smile:
  11. Congrats! I'm so glad that you finally got your Mandarin Jasmin, especially after that whole ordeal with Saks. And PGN, you rock for being such a kind person.

    All Hail PF!
  12. Yay... congrats!! :biggrin: Go PF!! Hoo hoo! :rochard::rochard:
  13. :shame: :shame: from one purse addict to the next--just wanted to help!
  14. Congrats! Glad to hear there's a happy ending!!!
  15. So glad it worked out - and with the help of a super PF memeber!!!