Thanks to Rockerchic, I am now......

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  1. a proud momma of a khaki cabas..... :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Just when i thought i would never ever get a khaki cabas, I saw rockerchic's post about a cabas on hold for her and.... I snathced it.....

    Here she is.....
  2. YAY!! Def. celebrate!!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats!! Happy for you, thanks for the pics...drool..
  4. congrats, me_love_purse! wooot woot for awesome PF members like stacy!
  5. Congrats!! That is awsome she was able to help you. That's what I love about this message board.
  6. gorgeous!
  7. CONGRATS!!!!! That is a beautiful bag!
    I want one now too..LOVES the color!
  9. I just love that color!:love:
  10. congrats!! How do you like the texture of your bag? Is it pretty smooth or more on the raw textured side?
  11. I know..... She is so... nice.... Everybody in this board is so... nice
  12. Mine has texture... and the texture is even....
    is yours smooth or has texture....?
  13. You know ladies, I wasnt that into the cabas... the more I look at the ones you are getting, I am finding myself thinking I want one. Of course, now that I cant get one!

    Congrats! Its gorgeous!
  14. Mine also has texture but it's pretty even and I think the texture is pretty smooth, I am asking coz I have seen some bronze cabas that are more textured/distressed in one area than in others. So if yours has evenly distributed texture, that's good!!!
  15. I am actually still on like 2 waitlists so if you really really really want one, if they call me I can try asking them to sell it to you. You want me to try if they ever call me?