Thanks to Robyn's wonderful SA Casey for..........

  1. My new Metallic Blue Mahala arrives on the Wed 15th :yahoo::happydance:..... Thanks to Casey.... Robyn shes so wonderful... great service :tup: ... I also wanted the Mahala/Maddy in Plum :heart:but she said that the boutiques did not received neither :sad: but she did mention the plum in liquid patent :drool::graucho: ... although she said I will have to ask Robyn for permission!! LOL :roflmfao:....
  2. :choochoo:Way to Go Gris:yahoo:
    So glad you were able to get Casey's assistance. She is the BEST and by all means call her up and grab a liquid patent Maddy/Mahala as soon as possible! (But you have to get it through Casey:graucho:)
  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see pics!!

    Metallic Blue? - is that the same as the electric blue?
  4. Robyn I wish I could get it, although I think is a beautiful bag:drool: I dont think is much my style. To me is to classy (in a way ) wish is why I got rid of my radiant, I never used it cuz on top that I did not want to get her dirty I thought it was more like for special occasion/dress up (wish I never do ) :push: So she went bye bye to another Mommy that will show her off ...

    Ladychinadoll it is the electric blue. LOL.:smile:

    Im thinking in getting a Purple Maddy but JC is out and the boutiques dont have any either.