Thanks to Pfer from Norway, I finally found my Griege

  1. I mean to write this earlier, to thank this really sweet girl, Silje, who had connected me to the sales lady in Norway to find my griege Work. I was looking for it in many places but to no avail. The shop in Norway had one Work and Weekender left. The Work that I received came in thick, distressed (but surprisingly not veiny) leather. The bag is so tender and soft. The colour is fantastic as a neutral, interplaying between beige and gray. :yes:

    As I am petite, had originally wanted a city size. But after carrying my Work for sometime now, I find it really shows off the leather and collapses in very nicely.

    Also thanks to Powder for the comparison pics between 06 griege and 07 natural( in another thread) to help me decide that griege is the colour of my choice.

    I wanted to post pics but the image doesn't upload...:sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing your pics!!:yahoo:
  3. :yahoo:Yay, for you!! Congrats, on finding what you were looking for.
    Can't wait for the pics!! Maybe the file size is too large? Try resizing?
    I want to see your bag that is all the way from Norway!!
  4. Aaaw, it was no problem! I had fun taking the pics, especially when the SA told me my friend was calling, and I got to speak to a PF'er on the phone:yes:

    And you NEED TO POST THE PICS!! That bag is TDF!! I have been drooling over it since November, but was saving for ink..:wlae:
  5. I carried my griege work for the first time this weekend and I love it so much!! Congrats on your griege, it's a fantastic and unique color!!
  6. Congrats cant wait to see pics!!!!!
  7. I have a greige city and I love the color. Congrats on your new greige work!
  8. congrats!!
  9. I am grateful to you! Hope you find your ink soon! :smile::yahoo:
  10. Thanks to all of you ladies!!!! I will try to post soon:smile:
  11. Awww!

    Such an amazingly sweet story! :tender:

    Can't wait for pics! The bag sounds AMAZING!
  12. Congrats, stef! It's always nice to hear how tPFers help each other out, and totally enable each other with our Bbag obsessions...
  13. awww congrats!!! :happydance: greige is the most amazing color...and I absolutely :heart: the leather on mine!!! Dontcha just love TPF?? :girlsigh: :tender:
  14. Congrats! :yahoo: What a sweet thing for Silje to do! :heart: We're looking forward to your pics! :nuts: :nuts:
  15. Hello!!! Did I get the pic up?:yahoo: