Thanks to Kristen, I scored the MC flap in black

  1. My sweet gals on the PF have struck again!! I called my local NM and was told these were long gone. Thanks to a tip from Kristen on a thread below--K said--"I saw it in black recently at the NM in Newport Beach, CA (Fashion Island)"
    --I called NM at Fashion Island and low and behold--that sucker WAS there and IS mine!!:yahoo:
  2. ^ wow, good for you!!! congrats!
  3. Good for you Rocker~!!!
    tPF is the best!!!!
  4. YAY!!!! Congrats!!!!! I love it when PF members find the bags they're looking for!

    and yay Kirsten!
  5. Woo hoo, glad you got it! I can't believe that beauty was just sitting there going unnoticed, but I guess it was just meant for you!

    It is pretty sad how often I go in NM or my local boutique to just “check out the bags.” I tell my boyfriend it’s like going to the pet store to pet the puppies. I’m going to that NM tonight to pick up an iPod holder so I will remember every bag there and report back! And maybe come home with something else besides the iPod holder. Wouldnt that be nice. :sleepy: (smiley is supposed to be dreaming)
  6. I know, same here! Most of the time I just go check them's not easy to find a bag you love, will def. get a lot of use out of it AND at the same time your bank account allows you to grab it!
  7. You'll post pics, right?
  8. ^^Poor little flap is taking a long trip from Ca to Ny but as soon as she gets here, I will post pix!!
    PS. thanks again Kristen!
  9. Congrats Rocker !!!
    can't wait to see the pics !!!!
  10. That's awesome Stacy!:yahoo:
  11. Congrats Rockerchic!!! That is awesome how helpful you Pf'ers are!
  12. I love Kirsten..she found me the black Chanel ipod case I needed. Thank you so much, girl!:smile:
  13. Rockerchic Good for you..That bag will look HOT on you!!!!Can't wait to see pics
  14. Congrats!

    You have such an AWESOME collection!

    I can't wait to see pics
  15. Thanks so much all!! I love this place! :heart: