Thanks to Kelly100, I need to change my signature!

  1. She saw that I was really hoping to get a set of the scarf cards, and she offered to send me an extra scarf book that she had! :yahoo:

    Kelly and I had not had any previous contact, so this offer was especially generous and a wonderful surprise.:love:

    Kelly, thank you so very much for your generosity. I already have a plan to 'pay it forward', with a RAOK of my own, for another sub-forum. Maybe you have started a wonderful chain of events! :tup:

    *off to play with my scarf*:girlsigh:
  2. Congrats, what a sweetheart!!!
  3. Fantastic! Those cards must be fabulous! Come show us all the different knots you´ve learnt to make!
  4. I love stories like these. Kudos to Kelly100 for being such a sweet heart.

    and yes.....we need some scarf+herbag action shots from you ocmommy!
  5. ocmommy, what a nice surprise from
    Kelly100. :smile:
  6. That is a wonderful surprise indeed!! Great deed, Kelly100!!!!
  7. It was seriously no problem. Glad to help someone out and I had an extra. I hope you enjoy it! :smile:
  8. ocmommy, I saw your RAOK on the LV forum and I wanted to say that you are 100% sweetheart!!!! What a great idea :smile: