Thanks to JESS, I got my Hawaii qee!!

  1. thank you, thank you, thank you Jess for telling me when you saw the Hawaii qee come available on qeester!!

    MAHALO JESS!! :yahoo:

    I snatched it right up and got it today in the mail. I took the head off to put the keychain part on it and it did the same thing as someone elses, the head part came of the plastic thing part.........UGH!! So I had to get out the screwdriver and pliers to get the dumb thing off. Anywho, got it off and put the keychain thing on it and superglued the head back on and now it's perfect!

    And it looks super cute on my Spiaggia mamma mia! Here is a pic:

  2. Too cute -- that looks so perfect on the spiaggia! I use the Nevada qee (red devil in a grey suit) on my inferno trenino. I'm still trying to think of something to stick the Maine qee (lobster) on, lol.
  3. I want to get pepo for my pirata bag cuz there are monkeys on it but he is always out of stock. I would even take mico or tito too but those are out of stock as well.
  4. Cute!! I have my Hawaii qee on my Spiaggia zucca!! I am soooo glad I didn't have that problem with my qee when I removed the head.

    I put my Doggie qee on my olive Camo bella bella and the magenta Cat qee on my OP bella bella.
  5. I want Pepo for my Foresta BV and Daydreamer for my Paradiso gioco!! I also want the Bear Whale qee but don't know what I'd use it for. I still need to find a qee I like for my Inferno MM.
  6. Oooo:huh:OOO you're very welcome Tracy ^__^ I am so glad you got it lol...I know how sad you were last time it was sold out :biggrin: It looks awesome with your Spiaggia!
  7. I love it!!! Is it still on qeester? I looked but can't find :sad:
  8. It's under "United States Qee"... The Hawaii one is still there, but it's out of stock right now.
  9. so cute!
  10. I swear that thing is always out of stock, HAHAHA. I am glad a few of our TPF girls got to snatch one though.
  11. I am sad..I bookmarked it. Hopefully it will be back in stock soon:smile:
  12. CONGRATS TRACY!! I have yet to see that qee "available" on qeester yet.. *sigh* Maybe I'm just getting bad luck with that? LOL I check at the weirdest times of the day too hahaha
  13. haha im with you Dana! I keep missing that darn hawaii qee 4 times already! uuggh..i guess that qee doesnt want me :crybaby: lol

    i wouldnt mind having daydreamer, pepo, mico and tito..but those are always out too! ....ha must be a sign not to get them :p
  14. OMG! It's so perfect looking!!!:tup:
  15. I saw the State Qee's at Giant Robot on Haight in SF. It was a blind box and I HATE blind box's.