Thanks to cxyvr i just ordered a pair of cl's

  1. Thanks cxyvr for pm'in me and letting me know that Barneys has the tortoise peanut wedges on sale. I just placed my order and they will **** out tomorrow. I'll post pics when i get them.

    I got them for 375!!!!!!!!! yay!!! i'm on cloud nine:yahoo:

    So if anybody else wants them call Barneys before they fly off the shelves.
  2. Congrats. I love that shoe, so comfy and practical.

    And your typo made me giggle like a school girl.:roflmfao:
  3. Congrats on the shoe purchase! Enjoy them!

    Your typo made me laugh hysterically too :biggrin:
  4. woooo... what a sweet deal! cxyvr is such a sweetie!

    yeah, have to admit that i giggled inside at the typo too.
  5. lol i never noticed the typo until u pointed it out.I'm such a dork :shame:
  6. Sometimes it's the little things that bring a smile to my face - as I am sitting here late at work again!
  7. i'm glad i could make u smile. the funny thing is t and p are so far from each other on the keyboard.
  8. Perhaps it was a freudian slip as you were thinking about the notorious shipping that Barneys is known for.
  9. I am happy for you but curious what size. I called up there yesterday and the girl told me she had located it and then 30 later said she did not. I will be peeved if I was lied too. I am a 38, BTW. And as slow as Barneys orders have been going, you may want your shoes to shi_ out of there. That CRACKED me up!!
  10. oh no that totally sucks but no u werent lied to because i orderd a 41. U should maybe try again call ginni at the chicago location cxyvr recommends here. lol i hope they dont take long sending them out (notice how i used sending instead of the other word) lol
  11. :roflmfao: omg u girls are hilarious
  12. :roflmfao: at your typo.

    Congrats on the shoe Angelie! I love that you got them on sale.
  13. That was priceless! I am suffering from a sinus and ear infection! I needed a laugh!!!
    Well, on a good note. I got the leopard peanut wedges!! Not on sale,:crybaby::crybaby: but they just popped up in my size and a forum buddy let me know. They shipped from NM yesterday and were at my door tonight!!!:yahoo: I really like them I have 2 pair now, patent and these and they are so comfy. I hope they come out soon with some spring colors.:tup:
  14. ^ Aww I'm so sorry!! Hope you feel better hon!
  15. BTW Angelie, I am so glad you got these because they will go so well with the color of your hair!! I bet you hate it when the wind blows hard!!