Thanks to BagLady...I'm not mad anymore !!!

  1. I don't know if you remember my story with the French Cognac Spy on eBay...
    I was so sad/mad:sad::cursing: when I saw the auction was closed :wtf: suddenly !!!

    But let's forget this sad story...

    because the Good Fendi Fairy :heart: helped me
    to find a GORGEOUS COGNAC SPY ...
    and I just had it today :yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's why I love the TPF !!!
    And as you guess thanks to BagLady and her generous help,
    this one will be my fav SPY ever !!!!!!
  2. CONGRATS!!! :heart: :nuts: :yahoo: I'm so happy for you!!! When do we get to see some pics? ;)

    Baglady - You're such a sweetheart! XOXO :heart:
  3. Thank you BalenciagaLove !!!
    I'm back from a week of work out of home(good for me it was in a real dream place)...
    so I had a lot of urgent things to do as to buy some groceries and brush my cat ;)...but I promise to post pics soon !!!
  4. Cannot wait to see the pictures, and so happy this story has a happy ending, you was so upset when you missed out before. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: now we can all celebrate.

    Niceone Baglady
  5. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you! I'm waiting for my first love too! :love:
  6. :blush: Thanks so much for the kind words FP & everybody...:blush: but I think everyone here wants to help each other enjoy the splendors of an Authentic Fendi Spy...and I am thrilled the Cognac spy worked out for you. Congrats! :yahoo: Cognac is an awsome color, just love it! :wlae:
  7. ^^^^^^^^:love:

    I'll post pics tomorrow : it's night here ...
    and I think this Beauty deserves daylight to be introduce to you ladies :smile: !!!
  8. Pics pics pics...................................

    Can't wait to see her!
  9. Finally pics in daylight:graucho: ...
    I'll post modelling pics later...I'm still in PJs:p



    Cognac Spy post.jpg Cognac Spy post 2.jpg Cognac Spy post 3.jpg
  10. WOW!! She is absolutely amazing!! Where did you buy your baby from, if you don't mind me asking? :love:
  11. Both are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!The leather is fantastic;the color of the cognac seems changing:what a great choice!:woohoo::heart::yahoo:
    Congrats Fromparis!Tu as 2 petites merveilles!
  12. Absolutely beautiful! That spy is brand new & not even broken in, have fun taking her out! :yahoo:
  13. Drool..... Absolutely gorgeous. baglady you are absolutely lovely. Congrats fromparis!! I share your joy! ;)
  14. Thank you Joanni and Kavnadoo !!!
    Anilouann : Merci !!!

    BagLady : thank you !!! You are the best !!!
    I wouldn't own this Beauty without your help:heart: !!!

    Now I really have to make a decision on the next Spy...
    Cherry, Green, Blueberry:shrugs:
    or Gold:graucho: for this summer ???
  15. Go the Blueberry!!!!! Oh the gold is gorgeous!!! You should go on Jomashop, they are having 50% off, only 1200USD. You should get one! I love the metallic spy so beautiful...

    I keep coming back to this thread to check out your cognac, it's so sexy.... If I had a bag like that.... and the smell of it... nothing better than the smell of freah leather, or any leather. I could sniff my chanel flap bag all day long...........

    (okay I'll stop or you'll think I'm nuts.)