Thanks to an awesome TPF'er, I got my 2nd pair of LV shoes!

  1. I had been looking into getting this pair of shoes for over a year but kept putting it off and when I finally called my SA a few weeks ago to place an order, I was told they were sold out in Canada.

    Thankfully, an amazingly generous TPF'er in the US who shall remain anonymous offered to help me since their local store had one pair left in my size.

    They are the Damier Geant Speeding Sneakers. They are GORGEOUS in real life. Seriously I've had the biggest smile all day just because of them lol. They are sooooo classy and comfortable. I'm wearing them right now lmao.

    Here are some pics:

  2. Congrats I just the love TPF communtity you guys ROCK!
  3. umm, they look so comfy, enjoy them....
  4. congrats. thats great!
  5. Absolutely look wonderful and comfy! I hope they bring you smiles like that every time you wear them :smile:
  6. Congrats! There are some really sweet members here!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Thanks everyone! :smile:

    The shoes match with my Damier Geant Messenger bag which I use pretty much everyday so I'm a happy camper haha. My dad saw them and was like 'wow they're nice. You should get them in black too!'. What an enabler lol.
  9. I love these shoes, very nice! Do you have the Messager? Or the Loup? Great match :yes:
  10. I have the Messager. It's fantastic (and my first LV item so it holds a special place in my heart).
  11. OOH! Those are awesome looking!
  12. Nice.... I'm suddenly liking Damier Geant for some reason. And now your shoes make me want to get Dam. Geant sneakers :smile:
  13. Wow I love those! Very nice - congrats!! :biggrin:
  14. wow! congrats!
  15. Congrats!