Thanks to all~

  1. a great friend was made in this forum, and coach is helping me share that friendship.

    i was having a horrendous time trying to stick to my purse ban, and helpl!!! slush, aka Bessie, has been helping me out!

    i've been spending my time browsing other designers that she owns, and she's been helping me find purses i like. i in turn, help her make decisions on purchases that she plans on making.

    TODAY, i got to frolic off to the post office to pick up a package that this lovely lady sent me.

    a coach catalog, perfume samble, and gift wrapped, lovely, fabulous Virgo charm that i've wanted forEVER, but never got around to purchasing. what made my day was the doodles of a baker on the background by the 8 year old she nanny's for, and the great drawings of a betta fish (i have 13 and love them) and adorable doodles of handbags. thanks to TPF, and Coach :wlae: for making my day.

    thanks bessie, for being a wonderful friend, and helping me stick to my ban ;) .

    OH and the little card she wrote for me with the adorable purse sticker on it just put the cherry on the sunday!
    Virgo KeyfobCharm!.jpg
  2. YAAAAY for friends made through TPF! :smile: and through coach love haha!!!

    im glad you liked it AND im glad the fish i drew actually looked like a beta, i know the doodle of you as a baker the girl i nanny for did looked more like a princess with a giant weird crown hehe :smile:

    love ya!
  3. i want to like, frame the entire package, it's perfect.
  4. That is so sweet! Congrats, visciousbliss and bessie, that is so nice of you. I've said this before in this forum, but I truly think we have some of the nicest, most supportive members on tpf or any message board! Go us!
  5. I love this forum and the unique family of members we have formed here. This act of kindness could not do anything more but exemplify this. :heart:

    What a kind gesture helpl!!slush and ViciousBliss, I hope you stay true to your ban! Good luck! :smile:
  6. Congrats both of you. Your enthusiasm is infectious!
  7. That was so sweet!
  8. :party: :dothewave: :drinks: :heart:

    YAAY the nicest ppl ever on TPF and yaay Bess and Jess Buds 4 life :smile: hehe
  9. I totally agree! I lurked around here for so long...afraid to jump in. Other boards have great information that is truely helpful, but sometimes they can get a little nasty. It's nice to have a place to share my love of Coach with others that understand. It's not intimidating here. Everyone is so welcoming. It's great!
  10. its so sweet to hear that you two joined up and made eachother's days...congrats!
  11. Awww, what a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it with us! I am glad you two have become good friends.
  12. ITA about this forum being very friendly. i definately read some things in other forums that are quite scary lol... but rawr they are women hear them roar lol...

    Bess has totally helped me out in more ways than one! she's an awsome friend and i wouldn't have her without the general love of handbags! wee!

    petitemn: thanks for the encouragement, i went and looked at some Tano's today and almost put money down on another... but i didn't lol! i might order one or something tough, it's gettin tough cuz payday is soon lol!

    i willnot buy pursies... i willnot buy pursies... i willnot buy pursies...

    thanks to everyone for being so great! i love this lil group of gals so dearly!!!!!!!!!!

    :party: :dothewave: :party:

    :ban: :busted
  13. LOL woops :shame:
  14. Love the Charm, wish I wasn't a Bull, have never liked the Taurus designs.
  15. Love the charm! Congrats!