thanks to all those who suggested a new wapity rop

  1. hi! just got back from stepping out. i had to pick up a parcel at the PO, there was a discontinued MAC pigment waiting for me! yay! my other obsession!
    so, i ended up getting the Black MC Wapity, and i love it. My boyfriend loves it too because he figures since its not a big purse, he wont have to lug it around for me when we go out! :p he was wondering if he had any outfits to go with it though... he likes it when his clothes match my purses since he holds them most of the time... silly cute boy.
    Anyhow, here are some pics!

    Please don't mind the full body shot, i am bloated from being preggers, and the camera is blurry for some reason?

  2. Wooo hooo!!!! Congrats on the purchase and being pregnant!!! ;)
  3. ADORABLE, and you look fantastic! What a great addition to your collection!
  4. SO HOT! you look great as well! love the black!
  5. very pretty, congrats!
  6. so cute, congrats!
  7. So cute :smile:
  8. Love it!! It looks great next to you! U look so cute being preggers!
  9. awwwww thanks! i feel so blah these days, but i keep telling myself i can work on that AFTER the baby comes. :biggrin: i am only a couple months at this point.
  10. woo hoo!! congrats on the wapity!!! and on the upcoming bundle of joy!
  11. Very cute! I love the wapity!
  12. Congrats on your wapity and being look fabs!
  13. Itis so cute
  14. Congrats on the pregnancy and the bag!
  15. Love the Black MC Wapity (I have the white one and wish I had the black one too). Congrats on being pregnant, when are you due? I am due in Aug !