Thanks to all the TPF members!!

  1. Here are two of my favorite things. My dog and my new Birkin! Both are 2002 issues. Both are slightly used. While I paid more for the Birkin up front, dog could end up costing more over her lifespan. Dog was adopted by me two years ago as she did not get along with other dogs in previous owner's household. Not sure if Birkin had any behaviour issues in the past as it has behaved very well in the weeks I have had her....they have not been in any fights with each other, dog shows no jealously towards Birkin and vice versa. :smile: ...Birkin was purchased from a TPF member who bought it from TPF approved reseller sandiaexchange. I can't say enough about either one of them. Even though I did not buy from sandia I had a few questions for her both in general and regarding this bag and she was great about answering my questions. This forum is a godsend in that regards. Saves a lot of heartache. I appreciate all who have shared their experiences both good and bad. It is the least we can do to counter the scammers and fakers out there...If not for the forum I would have been very wary of buying online and would have had to wait and paid a lot more at a boutique.

    Bag is a 35cm rouge H box with brushed silver hardware and white stitching. Dog, Stormy, is a white English Bull Terrier with a black left eye and ear, very pretty markings if I do say so myself. Well trained but naughty. Totally unimpressed with the Birkin but thinking I might have a cookie in my hand. Dog is NOT getting any Hermes accessories any time soon.

    Rouge H is a hard one to photograph, it comes out looking brown in some lights, it is much yummier IRL! Dog is hard to photograph as she does not stand still for very long. I consider myself blessed to have both a bull terrier and a Birkin


    birkin and dog 003.jpg birkin and dog 001.jpg
  2. BC!!! So glad to see you post! That Birkin is divine and your dog is sooo cute! The Birkin really is wonderful--love the contrast stitching and the brushed palladium. Absolutely beautiful!
  3. BC, your Birkin is GORGEOUS :love: and Stormy is ADORABLE!!!:tender:
  4. rouge h in box - gorgeous!
  5. That bag is gorgy!!
  6. Orchids, your Turandot purchase contributed to the fund that made this bag a reality for me so double thanks!!! That is the only one I feel a small pang over but as you love it so much AND it helped me buy this, I got over it quickly.
  7. Lovely Lovely Lovely!! Both are gorgeous. The birkin is so stately, yet looks ready for a little fun. Hey, same goes for the dog! Congratulations!:yahoo:
  8. congratulations birkincurious!
    what a beautiful bag! rough H! box calf! birkin 35!!
    it's a DREAM bag!!!!

    and Stormy! has got a innocent face on :roflmfao: glad to hear they do not get jealous of each other and getting on very well! it he or she??
  9. Congrats.
  10. rough H box! gorgy!!!!
    brushed HW! gorgy!!!
    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! what a rare beauty!
  11. Congrats, birkincurious!! Your birkin is the rich red color! And about your puppy, she's soooo cute! What a wonderful person you are to take her in...enjoy both the birkin and the puppy in good health...and modelling pics please!!
  12. I'm so glad...thank YOU for helping making my dream come true by granting me my grail scarf! It is my most prized H-possession. :heart:
  13. YAY, birkincurious! Rouge H box is on my wishlist. It's perfect!
    What a good looking pair you have there.:wlae:
  14. Hmmmm....Orchids, I should have charged you a bit more :p ! Actually, that scarf belongs in a collection, it is so fab. I wear all my scarves and one of the reasons I did part with it (other than I could get a good price for it to put towards Birkin) was that I already had a mark and a thread pull so wanted to sell it before I ruined it.

    BTW, is that one really so rare these days? I thought I saw a plisse up right before I sold mine. It really is lovely on its own, better on its own than actually on me though, so glad it is in your collection!
  15. BC--yes, there was a plisse up--guess who got that one? LOL! I've got a photo of the collection towards the latter posts in the Turandot thread in case you're missing her.