Thanks to all the MJ Girls!

  1. I just wanna say that the girls that post in this thread have got to be some of the nicest most helpful people I've ever dealt with! :heart: Usually when you get a bunch of women together - there's ALWAYS some type of drama - but not here! I have visited a couple of the other threads on TPF and although it isn't common - I've read some snide and down right nasty comments that members had posted about each other. :bagslap: I am just sooooo glad that we don't have any of that here! I have been able to rejoice in viewing other members purchases, gain invaluable knowledge about authenticating bags and show off my own loot - without feeling guilty about it! :p So girls, lets just stay sweet, have fun and continue to support each others growing obsession with MJ! :woohoo::choochoo:
  2. What very sweet things to say! I know I've enjoyed your posts the last few weeks. I love your MJ enthusiasm and your sharing all the details/pics of your new bags. You're a sweetie!:yes:
  3. Looking at your beautiful Blakes made me want one!!:heart::drool::graucho:
  4. I completely agree devinesgirl2004!!! I have gone to some other threads and also noticed the same. I really feel lucky that the women here in the MJ forum want to help each other and we are happy to see each others loot! The greatest thing is that I have finally found a place to share my obsession with ladies who understand it.
  5. The MJ forum rocks! I love all the gals in here.:love:
  6. That's sweet of you to say, devinesgirl2004. Sometimes it's a little difficult for me not to get distracted by drama that pops up every now and then, but the MJ subforum has always been consistently peaceful. It becomes my oasis, and a little reminder as to why I love his bags to begin with! So thanks, everyone, for making this a great tPF subforum! All you girls ROCK!
  7. ^DITTO:love::party:
  8. :dothewave:Exactly right devinesgirl2004. What a nice post...
  9. i feel exactly the same! i was never crazy about the blake bags until i saw her beautiful collection! :wlae:
  10. * group hug * :smile:
  11. That's because MJ bags are laced with ecstacy...

    ... suuuure.

    ;) hehehehe
  12. ^^LOL Luna!!:roflmfao:

  13. Oh, is that why I get so giddy and feel the uncontrollable need to buy every bag I see? :p:biggrin:
  14. yes.... everytime you touch or use your bags... it's absorbed through the skin...

    yup yup!
  15. :wtf: I need to stop hugging my bags.