Thanks to all of you who have been

  1. Bitten by the accessory bug, I now to have been! :nuts: In the last 2 weeks I've ordered the legacy stripe wristlet and ponytail scarf and the multi color flower charm! And my spring/summer wishlist is nothing but accessories!!!!! Thanks for the great influence!!!! I love COACH peer pressure!!! :yahoo:
  2. Oh girl, I hear ya! Now I am looking at scarves and charms (both of which I have none of). I feel like I need to dress my bags up now. They are naked! I am also now wanting a cosmetic bag, a new wristlet (I already have 7), and a key chain. This is one contagious bug going around!
  3. i completely understand!!!!
    i am only loving accessories for spring..........not much in the way of bags right now.... but the charms, wristlets, etc.......very cute!!