Thanks to ALL of you, I now am the proud owner of....(pics)

  1. A Framboise Brentwood!!!!! :yahoo: It was delivered about an hour ago. It is just so beautiful. I am still dying for a Bedford, but this is what I went with for now. I really do adore this color. :love:

    The best part is that I found a gently used matching framboise wallet that I should be receiving within the next week.

    I took a pic of what the bag looked like when I opened the box; then after I placed the straps on it. I tried to take pics of me wearing it in the mirror but the flash ruined it. I will keep working on that.

    I must admit, I do feel slightly ill for spending soo much. This is my most expensive bag to date so it will take me a while to get over that.

    Thanks again for all of your help!!
    vernis3.JPG vernis.JPG
  2. This bag is beautiful. I'm going crazy today on this forum, drooling over everyone's new bags. I'm wanting every bag I see!
  3. so pretty!!! congrats!
  4. Wow its beautiful, framboise is my favorite vernis color :love: Wear it well!
  5. very nice, congrats!
  6. It's beautiful, congrats!
  7. Gorgeous bag!! My favorite vernis color!!
  8. gorgeous! :biggrin:
  9. Gorgeous! I love it!
  10. very pretty color!
  11. GORGEOUS Becca! It will look wonderful with your wallet! :graucho: I hope the wallet arrives sooner rather than later!

    Framboise always makes me smile - seeing your pics makes me want to go out and get a Brentwood too! :sweatdrop: Enjoy such a pretty bag!
  12. Gorgeous!!! I have the same bag, And, it was quite the expense for me too, and I felt slightly ill too, but I have used and loved every penny worth and you will too! And, congrats on the wallet too, your Brentwood is GORGEOUS!!!
    woo hoo!!!!
  13. Congrats! Makes me want to get mine out and use it :smile:
  14. beautiful!!
  15. So pretty! Congrats!