Thanks to a GREAT friend, Finally Finished My Penelope Spectator Set

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  1. Thanks to a GREAT friend I finally finished my Penelope Spectator set just LAST night!! I know the bag is not a newer style, but it takes awhile to get all the pieces. Just wanted to share.


  2. So pretty! I love the contrast!
  3. all are so pretty, OP - congrats on your collection!
  4. Very nice set and I like how you attached the scarf to the purse.
  5. Really beautiful set!!
  6. That is just a lovely set. I love it!
  7. I love all your sets pzold! Congrats!!
  8. Wow that's a slamming set. Congrats!
  9. Lovely set. Congratulations on finishing the set :smile:
  10. Beautiful Set!!! I've always loved that tote! Enjoy!
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. Thank you Pursedove. I know sometimes it takes me a long time to complete them and by the time I do I know the style is not the current rage. But I like sets and I just have to be patient to find all the pieces at the right price.

    Today I just finished the Legacy Kisslock accessory set. The last piece should be here this week. I'll post that set too when it comes. In today's market finishing fob or accessory sets etc, is a little bit more my "collecting" price range ....:smile:)

    Thank you everyone for sharing my enthusiasm [FONT=&quot]in finishing the spectator set. This was one of the harder sets to finish.[/FONT]:yes:
  13. Pzold, I wanna come shop your closet/collection!!! You have such patience to hunt and stalk just the right pieces. I've gotta say in all my time on TpF your gorgeous sets have hands down been some of my fav's to look at!!! They are always so gorgeous...they make me CRAVE whatever your posting!!! LOL
  14. Thank are so kind.... I tend to go for fewer "collections" than "more" bags. Because the accessories are often more pricey than the bags, I own fewer bags than most TPF'er. :sad:( ...But what I have I tend to have entire sets.

    I like the "hunt" to collect all the pieces to sets...and add one or two matching scarfs and a fob...(and yes DonnaLynn a HAT to BOOT!!!!...LOL) When there are no more pieces to a set made to collect...I move on to the next. So I am always behind in the newest styles..... :sad:(

    Thank you every one....
  15. Oh that's a gorgeous set! Newer or not it's just beautiful! Good for you congrats!!! I really love it!