Thanks so much to everyone who wished me luck on my Coach interviews...


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Jul 12, 2008
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I got the job! :yahoo:

I'm really excited (and so is my mom, she's already trying to work the discount and I haven't even STARTED yet)... as you might remember, I was nervous that I wouldn't get the job since I don't have any experience in retail.

Anyway, I don't start for a few weeks but I'm excited!

Thanks again!

ETA: Oh yeah, and thanks to everyone who advised me to wear the dress code on the 2nd interview. The manager definitely noticed: when she was talking about dress code, she referred to what I was wearing, even saying that I looked great. So thanks again!
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Jun 1, 2007
CONGRATS!!! I'm SOOO jealous!! I want to work PT at the Coach store so bad but it's over an hour drive from my house. Bummer.


Mar 4, 2007
That's fantastic! Where in Texas will you be working? I'm in the mid-cities between Dallas and Ft. Worth, so I'm curious if there's a TPF gal that works at one of the local boutiques?