Thanks so much for the great advice!!

  1. I am really happy with my bbag collection at the moment and want to thank you all for your advice...Ofcourse I always want more but I was going way over budget and you gals helped me wittle it down to an acceptable level for my wallet and I think it is very balanced at the moment...
    So here is what I ended up with-- caramel hobo, black purse, ink and white city. Sold brown, black and navy hobo, white first.
    I must say that the two that I somewhat regret is the brown and navy hobo...both so beautiful! But I felt that the caramel and the brown were too close and I found that I never used the navy because I always reached for the more neutrals...The first was just too small for my needs.
    I am going to put my lust for a shopping bag on hold for now!
  2. Nice collection! Those will go with anything you wear. I'm a neutral fan too (sans the rouge I'm lusting after). I'm so glad you're happy! Congrats!
  3. macp6 , those are great collection. u should be happy :yahoo:
  4. I'm really happy for you! I think it takes a while for anyone to figure out what works for you (color and style choices)! I know it took me a while! It's certainly not a bag to let sit in the closet given the expense of it.
  5. Congrats Macp6! Hey, how about a group photo????
  6. I'm glad you were able to get the white City you wanted! I agree - family photo time!!
  7. Will post this afternoon!!:smile:
  8. yippy, can't wait, i'm so happy you're happy with your collection now :yes:...btw, who are those adorable girls in your avatar photo (?) :shrugs:
  9. Hi there aaa--Those are my gorgeous daughters--one is biological and one is adopted from China. :heart: :heart:
  10. Your daughters are both so gorgeous!

    Congratulations on your paired down collection!
  11. macp6 .... CONGRATS to your really enviable collection :flowers: , you absolutely can be proud on it :yes: ! I admire how you reduced your bags to the only best matching on you :love: :tender: can't wait to see the group-picture ;)
  12. wow, that's wonderful macp6, i'm hoping to adopt from china too :tender:...your daughters are both sooooooooooooooo adorable!!!
  13. thanks so much!! And congrats on making your choice to adopt from China...We went with a group of 12 couples and it was a wonderful experience. We still get together with the group every year on the anniversary day of the day we picked up our little ones from the orphange. We call it Gotcha day! Just got back from seeing them. It is so fun to see them growing up!
  14. wow, that's so incredibly wonderful & exciting, i absolutely can't wait :yahoo: