Thanks so much for all your opinions, girls, I have "slept" on the python tote issue

  1. Swanky, sorry I didn't just update the old post, but I never can figure out how to do that. After quiet deliberation and considering all the wonderful posts--thank you all. I think I am going to wait on it. The material is delicate, I have a 2 year old and a new baby on the way. It is love, but I got my flaps out last night, and I was really sad to part with them, too.
    That doesn't mean I am not going to watch the tote carefully! If it is meant to be, it will still be there in a few months, and I am going to eBay all old bags except a couple to see if I can start the python fund! My SA is on watch for the rare, but possible sale, too!

    Thanks again so much! You all are wonderful. Truly, I don't have anyone in my circle who could have dispensed any advice at all since I am the only Chanel owner I know!
  2. ^^ Leem, congrats for your restraint! hehe. i was shocked that you considered parting with your gorgeous red ombre diamond shine flap?!!!! The color is TDF! I'm sure Chanel will launch another python tote for FW 2007
  3. Only you can tell what is best for you..COngrats on making a decision..LOl..I know its hard..especially when being a mommy.I never wear white bags due to the mommy factor..heehee
  4. Leem,

    I haven't been on tPF all weekend and just got your pm. I will pm you back but here's my take on the python.

    I am not really a "classic flap" kind of person. I think I have more "quirky or funky" taste. But when I saw the flap in python with the tassle I fell in love. If I had seen the tote that you and Swanky had seen I might have splurged and bought that instead. And I mean splurge because I think it was twice as much!

    I carry my and wear my other bags to death. My boys are bit older but I am constantly doing school stuff, soccer, swim team, tennis .... So I am a little hard on my bags. I like to think that I am getting every penny of use out of them. I have a saying with my shoes: if I wear them alot they don't owe me anything at the end of the season!

    The python is an IT bag and only goes out for special occasions. First time was to the Manolo Blahnik Luncheon! And to other "club" type functions or fancier dinners. I don't think I can pull off a classic flap for everyday. And I'm not sure how it would wear. I am very delicate with it. But, I think I will have it until I die and will probably request to be buried with it! It will still be in style in 50 years!!

    A tote might be more wearable for me but I doubt I could put it on the grass during a soccer game (shock!) which I have done with my other hardier Chanel, LV and Tods bags.

    I think you have been bit by the exotic skin bug! The look is very unique and I would bet that you would eventually get one. Your kids are very young so you have plenty of time. I always think there is something coming next season and that is so true.

    Best of luck and enjoy your purchases!!
  5. Maxter: thank you for posting that advice about taking bags to ball games, etc. I live in a gym, soccer field, baseball field. My PHH is a coach and all four of my kids play sports all year long. I love to carry my nice bags but don't want to get them dirty. But I finally decided not to sweat it and just buy hardier bags.
  6. Aww good decision. Congrats on you baby on the way!