Thanks Mon!! My Camellia ring is here. *pics*

  1. Thanks Mon! If it wasn't for all your kindness, this ring wouldn't be sitting on my finger:yahoo: It is a beauty! I just love the coloring and it is the perfect size. Thanks again for all your help.


  2. It's so pretty--and gorgeous on your hand!!!

  3. Oh wow that is lovely ... CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
  4. beautiful! i never get tired of looking at it! congrats on finding one, it is lovely!
  5. May i ask how much is that? looks so beautiful.. Congratz!
  6. WOW! Gorgeous!
  7. You did all of the leg work Melissa! I'm thrilled that Brendan was able to find it for you. He's awesome!:wlae:

    It looks fabulous on your hand!:heart:

    I actually misunderstood Brendan when he called me about the ring originally. I could swear that when I got on his waitlist back in January that he said the Chanel boutiques only ordered it in black w/silver. Apparently, what the boutiques received was the cream w/gold.

    Congrats again!:yahoo:
  8. Ooops, I forgot to ask. How does it fit? Since it's one size fits all?
  9. Pretty! Does it only come in one size?
  10. it looks fabulous on you! congrats. I'd also like to know how it fits with the one size.
  11. GORGEOUS!! i reallly love that ring and it looks magnificent on your fingers
  12. Very pretty! But for me w/ one size, I think I would have to wear it on my thumb! LOL!

    Isn't it comparable to a size 7???

    I'm a 5!:sad:
  13. that is so pretty! do you mind if il ask how much it is i love it :smile:
  14. What a lovely ring! Congrats. =)

  15. It fits perfect! It seems like a size 6 to me?