Thanks Miffy and her SA. My grey reissue 227 is here

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  1. thanks miffy for refering her lovely SA to me... i was able to get this bag and enjoyed the last EGC event.. :nuts:.. i used that on my friend's white clutch and both of us are happy

    initially i didn't like classic jumbo since it looks huge on me (i'm 5'4 only). however, after trying the reissue, i think the proportion looks better on me (i don't know why)... also. i struggled between the grey or black. given i wear lots of pink/red/black cloths and the grey is seasonal, i picked grey finally.

    anyway, here she is..

    however, the sad thing is.. i broke my camera after taking the last modeling pics.. :sad:.. which means i need to use the saved $$ on a new camera.. sigh.......

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  2. Congrats! It's a beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  3. thanks robbins65.. :P

    i also bought a new pair of earring from the cruise collection..

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  4. Lovely bag! I have this in 226 too. Enjoy ! :biggrin:
  5. Congrats! I love the gray reissue and the size looks perfect on you! You made the right decision and how nice to be able to save some money on it. The earrings are so cute too! Maybe you could see if you could get the camera repaired instead of replacing it. I did that and saved a couple of hundreds LOL
  6. it's gorgeous, congrats!
  7. Love the grey reissue and it looks great on you. Lovely earrings also. Congrats on your purchases and hope you get a new phone soon.
  8. Congrats, you look ultimately gorgeous with grey reissue in 227. BEAUTIFUL.
  9. Love it!
  10. Congrats! lovely color:smile:
  11. Beautiful bag and cute earrings. Congrats!
  12. oooh congrats! i love the gray! :tup:
  13. I want a grey reissue, I thought I missed the boat on that though! Do you know if they had any 226?
  14. Congratulations! The grey reissue is very pretty.
  15. beautiful! :heart:

    congratulations! :wlae: